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Headshot advice

The perfect headshot

The elements of a great headshot are personality, composition, balance, approachability, and memorability. After all, it is the first thing that potential employers will see on your profile and is an opportunity to sell yourself. Your headshot should reflect your personality and show people a little of the spark you possess!

What makes a great headshot?

  • Natural make up for females and hair off your face.
  • A genuine show of emotion; whatever the expression you decide on, commit to it.
  • Natural lighting if possible; or a light source from behind your photographer.
  • A recent photo that is updated regularly, especially if you change your look significantly.
  • A closely cropped photo of your face that clearly shows your features - can be in black & white or colour.


Examples of great Headshots:


Remember: Your headshot should reflect your talent. Actor headshots should show emotion and versatility, model headshots can be more creative and stylised.





Bad headshots

ModelFactory will likely disapprove your headshot if you have:

  • Hair covering your features
  • Effects on your photo
  • A self taken photo or a photo taken in a mirror
  • A bad quality photo
  • A photo not of yourself
  • Snapchat filters






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