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Being part of the ModelFactory community | Model Factory Crews

ModelFactory is for people of every age, race, gender, size, shape and experience level. As part of the ModelFactory community, we expect our talent and casting professionals to follow these guidelines:

  • Respect Everyone We don't put up with abusive language, threats, repeated unwanted messages, hate speech or harrassment of any kind.
  • Value of Time . If you commit to holding or attending an audition, make sure you're on time, or let the other party know well in advance if you can't make it. Make sure to check messages regularly and follow through on anything you have promised to do.
  • Make Legal Make sure you're aware of laws or regulations in your area that apply to the projects you run. For example, if you're making a film that requires minors, find out what the legal requirements for child employment are in your area.
  • Help us look after the community. If you see anything that concerns you (for example a listing, a message or a profile photo), let us know using our REPORT buttons.
  • Take safety seriously. If you use ModelFactory to communicate intentions of serious harm towards yourself, another member or one of our staff, we will take this seriously. If we have strong concerns regarding wellbeing, these will be escalated to our Senior Management Team and we may report our concern to the relevant authorities.
  • Be supportive for all If you see someone with a great profile, leave a comment to let them know! If you've worked with someone awesome, leave them a recommendation - they might just write you one in return!
  • Kindness is key  At ModelFactory we welcome talent from all experience levels. This means that not everyone will have the knowledge and expertise of seasoned members. We ask that any feedback is given constructively - what is obvious to you, may not be to others.