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Part Time
  • India, Surat

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Job Description

* We are looking to hire a talented model to participate in photo shoots, commercials, and fashion shows. The model’s responsibilities include building good working relationships with photographers, directors, fashion coordinators, and other Models, holding various poses for extended periods, and performing quick outfit changes during fashion shows without damaging outfits and accessories. You should also be able to work under different weather conditions.To be successful as a model, you should be able to communicate effectively with clients and comply with all instructions and directives. Ultimately, an outstanding model should demonstrate exceptional customer service skills and maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.Model Responsibilities:Following the directions of photographers and posing for photoshoots accordingly.Participating in advertisements and television commercials to promote various products and services.Participating in runway shows by modeling designers’ clothing, accessories, footwear, and jewelry.Participating in trade shows and conventions to advertise business products.Maintaining an updated portfolio of work.Collaborating with hair and clothing stylists as well as makeup artists to create specific looks.Following suitable health and fitness regimens to maintain a well-defined physical appearance in accordance with industry standards.Conducting research on designers’ fashionwear as well as other products that are to be modeled and promoted.Model Requirements:High school diploma or GED.Previous modeling experience.A well-presented portfolio of work.A well-maintained physical appearance.Willingness to work irregular hours.Sound corroborative skills.Excellent physical stamina.Excellent time management skills.Effective communication skills.Good Looking

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Job Details

  • Job category : Paid
  • Artist category : Models / actor
  • Duration : Part Time
  • Job type : Offline
  • Number of vacancies : 5
  • Pay basis : Monthly
  • Job Start Date : 19 Aug 2023
  • Job Closing Date : 31 Dec 2023
  • Location : India, Surat

Talent preferences

  • Age Group : 18 - 30 Years
  • Gender : All
  • Languages : English, Hindi
  • Expertise : Good Looking
  • Desired Skills : A well-presented portfolio of work.A well-maintained physical appearance.Willingness to work irregular hours.
Job Information

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