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How Do You Shoot a Portfolio At Home? | Model Factory

But should you invest in buying your gear, then you can save a little while taking as many specialist shots as you desire.

The design portfolio to stick out amongst the audience requires specialist photography to give it the advantage. Professional photography boosts the perceived level of your job, consequently allowing you to increase your costs and finally get a better end product for the customer.

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Here's a Rundown of How You can Picture Your Portfolio in 6 Easy Steps.

1) Daylight Bulb:

The main reason why we utilize a daytime bulb is since it matches the color temperature of daylight.

Daylight Bulb

2) Desk Lamp:

The main reason why we utilize a daytime bulb is since it matches the color temperature of daylight. This retains the picture looking natural and balanced, making it pleasing to the eye.

 Desk Lamp

3) Shutter Release Cable:

Having a camera cable helps take sharp pictures without the necessity of touching the camera.

Shutter Release Cable

4) Tripod:

A tripod is required to guarantee sharpness in the photograph.   


5) DSLR Point and Digital Camera Shoot:

The two kinds of cameras are fantastic, but a DSLR camera provides more flexibility and capabilities, which will be discussed afterward. In this informative article, the camera which I will be using is your Canon 1100D. I strongly recommend this camera to anybody who does not have a lot of expertise in using DSLR cameras. It is low price and has many functions and as you will see after it takes excellent photographs. It is possible to view some of the pictures that I've shot on this camera here.

DSLR Point and Digital Camera Shoot

6) Backdrop Paper:

The color of this background paper will determine the mood and setting of your portfolio. Make sure you use smooth paper instead of texture.

Backdrop Paper

What Should Your Setup Do:

Not as pretty as you might have believed, but it functions. As you can see, there is not much to it apart from having all your gear and materials in 1 spot.

Shooting your job in which there is lots of lighting permits your photos to have the highest sharpness. But if at all possible, attempt to picture your work out on a cloudy day. If you cannot do this, then display your job in an area where there is a lot of natural lighting.

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Find Inspiration:

Find Inspiration

Before photographing your portfolio, it is essential to have a look at other designers' work for inspiration. Some excellent sites you may take a look at our Behance. It is Nice That & Dribbble.

Set Your Portfolio Piece:

Set Your Portfolio Piece

The next step is to set up your lighting. If you use a few distinct lamps, this may either eliminate any shadow in your photograph or produce the shadow milder.

If you would like to bring some thickness to your shadow, then I suggest that you put a small item under your portfolio bit to give it a slight lift.

Find a Focus Point:

Find a Focus Point

It is essential to make a focal point when photographing your job. In the photograph below, I wished to demonstrate that the publication was created using the French folding procedure.

Setup Your Camera:

Setup Your Camera

The ISO needs to be approximately 100-200. This will get rid of any sound and maintain the photograph sharp.  Additionally, if you would like to concentrate on a product and blur the remainder, change to the manner AV (Aperture Version) utilizes a minimal aperture.   

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Experiment With Different Compositions:

Experiment With Different Compositions

To examine unique compositions, make sure you take photos of the same portfolio piece from numerous angles. By arranging your bits in various ways, the same amount will appear different and distinctive.

Photograph In High Places:

Photograph In High Places

If you were photographing a publication, it'd be a fantastic idea to keep the camera in a top location. This permits you to have a complete picture of this webpage while maintaining the same layout. Having a shutter release cable is also practical for taking sharp images without the necessity of touching the camera.

The Optional Step:

The Optional Step

If at all possible, attempt to picture your bits in a rather place. some location where there are no distractions.

Edit Your Photographs:

Edit Your Photographs

You need to shoot all your pictures in RAW as this helps to ensure that the quality is at its most significant, and in addition, it lets you edit many components on it. The white balance exposure and should all be comparable to make certain that the images remain constant.

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