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How Can I Become A Model At 14? | Model Factory

If you want to be a model at the age of 14, then this is a good age for a beginner. Normally at this age, you are still in school, so you have 3-4 years to keep an eye on the model world and do short work on weekends or during your holidays. You have enough time to see if this is really right for you and if you can imagine continuing modeling after school. By the time you are about 17-18, you will be ready to work as a professional model and already have a model book, which will have great pictures. The best models worldwide debuted at the age of 14–16. Not every "normal" agency takes models with age 14, most of them start taking models with age 15+. If yes, you can apply for children in a modeling agency or just take a year to take care of yourself, try and practice something for your future modeling jobs.

Become a Model with The Age of 14:

Become a Model with The Age of 14

It is really very difficult to be a model at the age of 14. Especially because you still have to focus on school. Having good grades will help you throughout your life, even if you later have to calculate your fees as a model. Once you understand the exchange rate between Euro and Dollar. In addition, there are many other questions, as well as good language training, so that you fit in perfectly with the speech, even in advertisements. It is also about foreign languages ​​but also geographical knowledge. Do you want to be in small talk with a customer "stupid" or ignorant? Suppose you talk about Asia and cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Tokyo, it would be correct if you could say a little bit about it as well. That's why school is so important for you, whether it is your own language, foreign language, mathematics or geography. Therefore you are fully prepared to work internationally as a model later.

Build-Up Stage At a Young Age:

Build-Up Stage At a Young Age

If you still want to apply to a modeling agency, you should make sure that they talk to your parents first. You should always be aware of your plans, as the latest agency wants to talk to your parents when you are only 14 years old. Being a model means more than just waiting for jobs, first you have to build your model portfolio. In other words, you will have multiple test shoots with photographers to help photographers slowly gather footage. It depends not on the number of photos but on the quality of the photographer. If you apply for a good modeling agency at the age of 14, from the beginning you will get the best photographers in your city and your state.

The First Model Comes After Casting and Job:

The First Model Comes After Casting and Job

After your model kit is set, you will get the first job. Here is the next sticking point, if you want to be a model at the age of 14, you have to take a leave from school. Here we come in good grades, the better you are in school, the sooner your school and your teacher are ready to give you free.

Many times you cannot afford the luxury, because there are always new exams for you. So if you want to be a model, then you should be very patient with your setup. You will not be able to do most of the work. An option means that you are free on this day. Will you be booked then the job will start. However, if another model is booked, the day is free again and you do not have work. If you have to get rid of school every time, but only get one in four jobs, the school will eventually stop playing - understandably. This is why you need a professional and experienced modeling agency, she knows which job she plays for you and which does not.

You see, becoming a model at the age of 14 is not so easy, so be patient! It is best to wait until you are 15 or 16 years old, then the school will end in the future and you can fully concentrate on modeling.

Minimum Measurement for The Model:

Minimum Measurement for The Model

As you can read in our article requirements for the model, the minimum dimension, as a model, should bring you to a height of 174 cm. If you want to work internationally as a female model, you have to be 178 cm tall. Your height should not exceed 181 cm, male model starts at 185 cm. If you are wearing heels as a woman, you will already climb above men, but with 181 cm you are already very tall. The same applies for male models as I said the minimum size is 185 cm. The maximum size should not exceed 195 cm. Whether male or female model, you must have a slim figure, pay attention to your diet, and do sports. 

Apply to Modeling Agencies At Age 14:

Apply to Modeling Agencies At Age 14

If you still want to try your luck, send us your photos! All our model agency needs two very simple pictures from you which you can do from your phone. Make sure you stand in broad daylight and send a portrait and full body photo. Also, you still send us your most important measures and your contact data. 

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