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5 Tips for Parents of Children in the Entertainment Industry | Model Factory

1. Make sure your child is genuinely interested in modelling/acting.

Your child needs to truly love what they do. It really shows when a child is miserable in front of the camera. This industry really isn't right for every child.

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2. Manage and monitor their social media profiles

Social media is a great way to get contacts but also open to all sorts of weirdos.

3. When joining an agency make sure you do your homework

Questions to ask are: How many kids on their books? What clients do they have? How much do they charge? Do you need to pay for photos?

Before signing to an agency, always meet with them first, and trust your gut feeling. Go with the agency you and your child click with, the biggest agency isn't always the best fit.

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4. While on set, make sure your child acts professionally.

They can still have fun, but remember that your child is getting paid to do a job. If your child follows instructions and is easy to work with they will most probably get booked again.

5. Balance your child's career with their social life.

They still need to go to school, birthday parties and play sport. You don't have to say yes to everything. Remember they are kids and need to have fun!

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