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How Do I Start a Modeling and Acting Career? | Model Factory

Is it the Right Career for Me?

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Acting: A superb acting talent is absolutely essential. However, this talent has to be tagged with other qualities like coordinated movements, a good voice, a penchant for dance and a good sense of rhythm. Also you should have the ability to perform different roles and with different sets of emotions without being blamed. If you feel that you have all these qualities along with confidence and optimistic thinking, then this is the right career for you.

Modelling: It is a very competitive career. You must have patience and perseverance to face a busy schedule. Other essential qualities that are hunted in an upcoming model are a healthy complexion, good height, and good body composition. Last but not least, you have to be photogenic. If you possess these characteristics then modeling is an ideal career option for you.

Job Prospects

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Acting: To get a good break and succeed in this career, good luck, time and good personal networking play a very important role. There are many career options for those who want to make a mark in the entertainment industry. As an actor, you can work for various theater productions or can also work for TV or radio channels. You then have the option to showcase your talent as a stage actor, appearing in private videos and TV shows and commercials.

Modelling: There is no shortage for modeling jobs in the fashion and advertising industries.

Pay Packet

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Acting: A stage actor gets around Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 10,000 per show. This largely depends on the scale of the show, the type of role, the production house and the type of audience. An experienced TV actor can earn around Rs 10,000 to Rs 2,00,000 per episode, while a new actor can get Rs.2, 000 to Rs.10,000 depending on the role.

A film actor in India can earn a handsome salary and it can vary depending on the role from actor to actor and the type of banner you are working for. Payments keep increasing with experience and popularity. A debutant can earn around Rs 5 lakh to Rs 50 lakh for a lead role in a debut film. And an established actor can ask for a ransom from Raja who goes to multi-crore.

Modelling: The salary usually depends on the organizers and how much the fashion show is awarded. Low-budget fashion shows pay between Rs 5,000 and Rs 1,0000 per show. An established model can expect around Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 per fashion show. The reputed magazines cost Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 Print advertising is paid according to the number of photographs. Billboard advertising also has sound money for the model.

Demand and Supply

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Acting: There is a high demand for new talent in this field. In fact the demand and supply of new acting talent is quite high in our country, where it is taken care of after successful cinematography. To get into this field you have to be extremely talented. It is a part of the equation. Once you get into this industry, you need to constantly maintain a niche for yourself because there is a huge demand for actors but the supply is equally plentiful.

Modelling: There is no demand for higher education qualification to go into this field. Physical features are more important so if you have the essentials, the fashion world will open doors for you. There is abundant job available in this field. With the increase in advertising, the demand for fresh faces is increasing.


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These job profiles bring vivid images of glitz, glamor and fame. Successful professionals associated with these profiles constantly keep their working hours in the headlines. Did you guess which business roles we are talking about here? Here is another hint.

These days, after occupations by youth in our country, these career options are considered to be the most sought after. A good break in one of these professions is not only a dream come true, but it can also raise your status to a social icon. Your name and fame will cross international boundaries. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about acting and modeling.

Acting: Although Bollywood, the Mecca of the Indian film industry, is considered the ultimate target of upcoming actors, you can start your career in acting by getting a break on TV channels. These channels are growing in number and exploding with mega serials, reality shows, game shows and various count downs. All of this brings plenty of opportunities for upcoming actors to showcase their acting talents. You can also become a stage performer for which you must complete an academic term at the National School of Drama. There are many institutes offering acting courses all over India.


An unexpected boom in the advertising and fashion industry has led to a huge and persistent demand for fresh models. Every company needs glamorous models to launch and support a wide variety of products or to spark the creations of fashion designers.

Apart from this, modeling is a very lucrative field in which there are innumerable opportunities to travel and earn handsome money. Models also meet people from different fields. An established model can receive a handsome payout for each assignment. All these aspects have made modeling a desirable, lucrative and lucrative career for the youth of our county.

Modeling can be broadly classified into print modeling, ramp modeling, and television modeling.


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There are ample career opportunities for actors and actresses but as more and more youngsters want to get into this field, it has made the field more competitive. It is not so easy to come to this area. It is even harder to sustain yourself for a long and prosperous career in this field and for this you need a lot of patience, a strong belief in yourself and last but not least, you have to shine your acting skills. Which can be done by taking a professional course. There are many institutes in our country that offer degree and diploma courses in drama and acting.

To give an acting debut to your career you can do an acting course, various educational institutions across India have various short and long term courses available. "Well done is half done", so a good start is very important in this career and a good start doesn't necessarily mean a Bollywood break, you start with doing an advertisement or getting a role in a TV serial Can, hosting a show or working in a theater as a stage performer.

If you get a break in the film industry, then you should consider yourself lucky, all you have to do is give your best, aptitude will not matter much, all that will be considered is your acting skills and hard work.


You will be overwhelmed just by opening in this area. With endless choices come cut throat competition, unpredictable work schedule and stress. Patience and patience play a very important role in survival and development in the region.

As a model, you have to learn on the job because there is no specialized training available in this area. Very few training schools have been opened by the former model in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. These schools help you to prepare you, develop personality, make tips and boost your confidence. Apart from these courses, you need good links in the modeling world to take the right break to gain entry into this glamorous domain.

There is no fixed qualification or age limit or any type of curriculum required to take modeling as a profession. You can create a good portfolio and hand it over to various fashion houses or advertising agencies.

Modeling assures glamor and good pay packages at the same time. Earlier, the fashion industry was one of the few industries where women earned more than men, but nowadays this career has become promising for men as well.

Start Early

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Acting: It is a talent that is easily recognized since childhood. Try to participate in school functions and events where you can show and show your talent to the people around you. When you reach higher classes, try to get a lead role in school and college work. In addition, parents should encourage such children to participate in various talent hunting and acting competitions.

Modelling: You must have the beauty and charm of a model. Try to attend fashion shows and theatrical productions at both the school and college levels. Exposure to photo shoots from an early age will give you confidence all at once after modeling as your favorite career in life.

International Focus

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The Indian entertainment market is the largest in size not only in terms of production, but also in monetary terms. Hollywood production houses like Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, etc. are planning to set up shops in India, giving Indian actors international recognition.

If you are a versatile actor and have good command over the English language, you can try your luck in Hollywood as well. Talented Bollywood actors like Kabir Bedi, Om Puri, Roshan Seth, Saeed Jaffrey, Gulshan Grover, Naseeruddin Shah, Ashwariya Rai and a few others have made their presence felt in various Hollywood competitions.

Modelling: Developments in the fashion and textile industry have bought international recognition. As a model, once established, you may have the opportunity to work for international fashion shows. You can also find an international brand to support you.

Market Watch



In 2008, the film and television industry generated a total business of around 9.33 billion. The industry is expected to grow at an annualized annual rate of 9.1%, resulting in a turnover of Rs.68.6 billion by the year 2013.

These developments lead to the growth of multiplex screens and better use of home video. In addition, the number of TV channels has seen a boom in recent times. All these aspects have in turn created a promising career choice for starring youngsters with a star's eye.

Modelling: The Indian economy has recorded commendable growth despite the global economic crisis. This has led to an increase in consumerism, resulting in the promotion of the advertising industry, electronic media, fashion, cosmetic and textile industries. These developments have opened up countless options for new faces in modeling and have made modeling careers even more attractive and lucrative.


positive vs negative



 • Excellent remuneration is offered to talented people. And with experience, an actor can demand according t     to their star and market value.


• An extremely busy work schedule often affects normal family life.
• Media interference affects the private life of cine stars.
• Due to too much of competition opportunities can be lost in the blink of an eye.

• It is a short-term career as there is immense cut-throat competition amongst models to vie for prestigious assignments.
• Models have to face a very hectic schedule and often withstand tremendous physical and mental stress.

• There are innumerable mediums open to work for a talented actor.  You can work for stage, radio, TV, films, videos and so on.

• There is no retirement age in this field.

• Popularity of cine stars is not confined to national borders.

• It’s a glamorous and lucrative profession.
• You get tremendous opportunities to travel and meet people.

Different Roles, Different Names

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Acting: Anchoring, working for an advertisement, comparing or hosting a show, chat shows, working for TV serials, reality shows and films are the different roles an actor can play.

Modelling: As a model you can feature in advertisement or music videos, act in TV serials and advertisement films. You can also do still, ramp, live or print modelling. As a successful model, you can even become a brand ambassador and endorse a bevy of products and services.

Top Companies

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Top banners you can look forward to be a part of are as follows:

  1. Star TV
  2. Pritish Nandi Communications
  3. Cinevista
  4. Sahara one Media and Entertainment Ltd
  5. Saregama India Ltd
  6. UTV Software Communication Ltd
  7. Balaji Telefilms Ltd
  8. Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd

Popular modelling agencies in India you can look forward to be a part of are as follows:

  1. Face 1
  2. Ozone Models Management
  3. Catwalk
  4. Platinum Models
  5. Glitz, the Ramp
  6. Mayrose Management Services in Mumbai
  7. The Tina Factor
  8. The Bridge
  9. Aditi Modelling Service
  10. Passion EC 191
  11. Profiles Estd

Tips for Getting Hired

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1. Enhance and polish your talent by going to an acting school as it will teach you various other aspects of the industry.
2. You can enter into acting by working in the advertisement industry.
3. Working for ads and TV serials or commercials will help you get noticed and bag some acting assignments.
4. You can start off working as a theatre actor and then move on to other areas of acting.

1. There is no hard and fast rule for a model to do any sort of training to get into this field. As a model you are expected to learn on the job but training will help you develop your overall personality along with shaping your modelling talent.
2. Getting an attractive portfolio made by a professional photographer and then showing it to various ad agencies, model co-ordinating agencies and fashion designers will help.
3. Participate in various beauty contests or other contests sponsored by print magazines or cosmetic companies.

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