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How to Be a Catalog Model in India | Modelfactory

What Brands Are You Looking For

Catalog models are considered business models, which means that models should look more like "real people" than editorial models. They need some basic physical attributes, like glowing skin, healthy hair, and a killer smile, but instead of falling into the physical needs of a fashion model, They require a look that appeals to the target audience of the customer.

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Depending on the catalog, this could mean that the customer is looking for short, tall, young, old, skinny or plus-size models of various ethnicities. There is also a demand for handicapped models. So, if you don't find a particular catalog suitable for you, don't worry, there are plenty of other catalogs to try. Unlike changing up your look to suit a particular catalogue, you just have to find one that suits your look.

Another option to keep in mind is parts modeling. If you have an outstanding body part, such as your arms, legs or feet, you may be able to enter the world of catalog modeling as a parts model.

How Much Do Catalog Models Get Paid

How much you earn as a catalog model depends on many factors, such as your experience level, the type of catalog you're shooting for, and the agency you're signed with, as different agencies vary. Deducts different charges (usually 10%-20%). In general, you can expect to earn a few hundred dollars per day for small-scale catalog shoots and thousands of dollars per hour for more popular catalogs.

Established catalog models can make a very good living from catalog work alone, given the large amount of photos that need to be taken and the fact that catalog shoots can take days, weeks, or even months to complete. In the United States, the model is considered self-employed, so you must set aside about a third of each paycheck to cover your income tax.


Career Start

The great thing about the modeling industry today is that you don't have to be defined by any particular style of modeling. Many catalog models are also runway or editorial models, and vice versa. Many models have also used catalog work to advance their careers. David Gandy spent years working as a catalog model, and even supermodel Karen Elson had a brief stint as a catalog model before making it big. The crossing over of divisions gives catalogs a "cool factor" and makes them more attractive to the public—the catalogs that depend on them for their success.

Models and Agencies

Most major brands in the United States only work with company-approved modeling agencies in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Catalogs are expensive and time consuming to shoot, and clients want to feel confident that they are booking professional models that will show up on time and get the job done right. As a model, being signed to an agency means that you will not only have access to more catalog modeling opportunities, but also that the jobs you book will be legitimate, and you will be paid what you want. are entitled. 

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