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4 Safety Key Tips for Models | Lingerie Hacks to Get You Holi

1. Stylish Yet Ethnic Long Earrings:

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We know how much you love wearing long earrings, especially for ethnic outfits. So we have these beautiful-looking earrings just for Holi. These are the colors that will add flair to your look.

These Kalbelia Enameled Long Earrings are perfect for your Holi look. Whether you are wearing a Kurti or a saree, it is perfect for all kinds of outfits.

2. Shape Earring:

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We also have something special for those who love to wear motif-designed long earrings. We have exclusive Thikri Gold Plated Long Earrings. We have different designs of them so that you can wear them in different outfits. It looks great with the saree.

3. Classic Earrings

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One cannot ignore the charm of the jhumkas. Many earrings are really heavy to wear. But don't worry, because voila, they have the perfect option for you. We have Kalbelia Beaded Chain Earrings which provide the best choice of earrings. These are colorful and comfortable. You can pair it with your Kurtis.

4. Colored Studs:

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Now if you are a stud-loving person, we have exactly the right thing for you. Pair your Holi outfit with these beautiful enamel blue stud earrings and add that ethnic vibe to your look. These look good with simple Kurtis.

5. Shape Stud:

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Motif studs are one of those beautiful pieces that you can get to complete your Holi look. We have Part E Fiza Floral Designed Motif Stud Earrings just for you. These are well-matched with salwar suits and Kurtis.

6. Colorful Necklaces:

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If you want to have a statement style then we have the perfect option for you. Add a Kalbelia pom statement necklace to your outfit and get your desired result. This bet matches with long skirts and sarees.

7. Rings:

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Try on different rings to enhance your look. In our Holi special collection, we have these beautiful designer enamel rings that can complete your look.

8. Statement Rings:

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We all love to wear rings. And on these special occasions, we look for rings that are bold as well as beautiful. So voila you have the perfect statement ring for Holi. We have these gorgeous statement rings.

9. Bracelets:

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Having a Holi-centric outfit without a colorful bracelet is an incomplete look. So to complement your style, we have got the right type of bracelets for Holi for you guys. These are colorful and attractive.

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