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How To Improve Your Acting Career During the Corona Pandemic

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I have a lot of time on my hands in lockdown. But I'm really inspired to see how the actors are using this moment to learn new skills and brush up on some old skills.

For example, when film and TV production stopped in mid-March, I took on a number of new clients who had never acted before, who wanted to see if it was for them. I've never coached people who had literally no experience, and no one was more surprised than me that it felt incredibly rewarding. You may even start doing something you said you would never do. I promise it will open your heart. Here are some ways to spark your creativity.

Now is the time to self-tape. As production slowly picks up pace, auditions are definitely happening digitally; But as a casting director, the last thing I want you to do is put yourself in harm's way by going to the studio to get a professionally produced self-tape. We are now very happy to see your own tapes recorded on Zoom or any other online video platform. As long as it's well lit with good sound (and, hopefully, a good readership), we're good. One strategy I've found to be successful is to have your reader on a Zoom and simultaneously operate your real camera (or phone) to record your audition. Use zoom recording as a backup.

You can also take acting classes from masters around the world. Every acting teacher I know has pushed to teach their classes online, and that means you can learn from professionals you've always wanted to study with, no matter where you are. It's still important to audit these classes to find the right teacher for you, and you'll want them to be small (no more than 15 students) so that you have a chance to get up and work on a scene each week.

In your downtime, don't be afraid to binge that hot new series. As you may have noticed, 2020 was a very good year for television. Do your research on which shows to watch, and you'll find performances you can study again and again.

But be a bookworm apart from a couch potato! It's still on my mind that not many actors have read the world's most important acting books. Now is the time to dive deep and learn from some great people.

Apart from acting, it is also a prime time to explore other creative passions. A friend of mine learned to play the guitar so well that he is now writing songs. I got back into playing the piano. We all have seen our friends and neighbors making homemade roti. All these actions will improve your life as an actor. You have to live a life rich and colorful with new experiences.

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