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How Do You Audition For Netflix? | How To Audition for Netflix

The following article contains information and advice that is practical, useful, and based on extensive research (including breakfast). Sick of dreaming about being on Netflix, and just want to get on Netflix? Read on for ways to audition for a Netflix show.

The Beast That is Netflix.

I spend more time watching Netflix than my boyfriend. Netflix has become a household name, a code word for sex, and an entire lifestyle. Needless to say, this is a big deal.

In terms of casting, Netflix gets brownie points for being open to unfamiliar names and faces. Netflix produces and distributes a vast amount of diverse, interesting, unique and game-changing series and films. This means more opportunities for diverse, interesting, unique and game-changing actors! Aziz Ansari, Juan Pablo Raba, Alison Brie, Kristen Ritter, Taylor Schilling, Travis Fimmel, Claire Foy, Michelle Dockery, Britt Marling, Stephen Amell. Maybe I can stay there.

To these actors, it's not like Netflix with a six-pack at their house said, "Hey dude, we like your style, wanna be on our show?"

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