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How Can I Start Modeling As A Girl In India? - Modelfactory

Today, modeling as a career signifies one of the most lucrative and exciting professions available to the youth. Indian fashion designers like Ritu Beri, J.J. Vallaya, and Sandeep Khosla have also contributed to its expansion.

Due to consumerism and further development of media in India, this industry has grown significantly. This along with the global expansion of the fashion industry has made modeling a lucrative profession.

Modeling is the art of learning how to walk, how to walk and show clothes in the best possible way so as to create demand for it. When potential customers look at the model, they usually imagine themselves in that outfit.

Modeling is certainly a glamorous field, which offers tremendous opportunities to travel and meet different classes of people. Also once established it is a high paying job.

A model is a person who poses or displays art, fashion, or other products or advertisements for the professional purpose.

Eligibility Criteria

No specific educational qualification is required to enter this profession. Firstly, one can approach reputed modeling agencies with a portfolio of recent photographs or apply for competitions sponsored by various magazines, textile manufacturers and cosmetic companies etc.

Right after 10+2 qualification, one can enter this profession, however it is suggested that there should be at least one graduate qualification which helps in handling the nuances of this profession.

Personal Skills

Personal qualities are the most important factor for the success of any model. The main quality required to become a model is a nice and healthy complexion with shiny hair. Female modeling candidates should ideally be at least five feet and seven inches tall. For men, the taller they are, the better for them. Being photogenic is also a key feature. Camera friendly attitude, full confidence while displaying products and grace are the key to making a name in this profession.

Salary Package

Generally, a male model can start his career with a starting salary of Rs. 6000-10,000 per show and for female models it is around Rs 10,000 per show. There are many model coordinators who provide modeling assignments on a commission basis, which is usually in the bracket of 15% to 20% per assignment. Once established in the industry, models can earn up to Rs. 2-5 lakhs for a television advertisement.

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