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How To Become A Model Male In India

Think About Your Strength

Do you have six pack abs? double chin? Double Dimple? tall and handsome? Find out what your strengths are. There are a variety of models, so knowing which group you fit into will give you an added advantage.
For example: If you have a perfect muscular body then you may be perfect for a fitness model. If you have long legs and love to walk, you can try your hand at the runway. If you have a good height and an attractive look, then commercial modeling may be your thing.

Create A Portfolio

If you want to earn good money then you should first invest in yourself. A portfolio is like your resume, it represents your abilities and skills. Once you've figured out your best angles, the next step will be to hire a good photographer.

You'll need more than a "selfie". There are two types of portfolio – online and hard copy. We recommend that you have both if an agency or client asks for both. Be sure to include headshots, full-body shots and a variety of poses when creating your portfolio.

Relax In Front Of The Camera

It doesn't matter what kind of model you will be in front of the camera at some point. It is normal to be shy in front of the camera in the beginning, we suggest you create a comfort zone with the camera.
Even if you are blessed with a perfect face shape, you still need to consider certain angles and lightening factors. Find your location and make it easy for yourself and the photographer too by practicing at home first.

What Is The Correct Height?

There are a lot of myths and confusions related to height requirements.

The height requirement for male models is between 5'11 and 6'2", but this applies mostly to fledglings and fashion models. Still it is hard to tell because modeling jobs are of different types, some agencies Men of standard height are welcome.

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Skin Care Is Essential

When you are a model, there are some natural expectations and one of them is flawless skin. Taking good skin care is kind of 'compulsory' for a male model. Not just facial skin, we mean well maintained teeth, nails and hair.
You can start with moisturizing regularly and then add an extra beauty activity to your routine. Aloe vera lotion is a great option, an eye serum is a must, a good lip balm and a pedicure/manicure once or twice a month.

Not Just For 'Young' Men

Gone are the days when agencies only hired young male models. The idea that only men who are in their formative years can be models is false. There is an opportunity for every age group, with brands looking for male models who can connect with the audience.

Hire a Reputable Agency

Having a reputed modeling agency is definitely a plus point for you to find a good job. Experienced modeling agencies will always try to find the best opportunities for you, they can protect you from fraudsters.

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