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Which Soapie Is Looking For Actors In South Africa?

If you are looking for acting auditions for sitcoms, TV shows and soaps such as Muvhango, Rhythm City, Scandal, Isono and other SABC programs, it is best to register with a casting agency like Kids On Camera. Kids On Camera is a trusted casting agency for kids and adults in Johannesburg, helping aspiring actors and actresses find suitable auditions to start their acting careers.

If you would like more information about our service, contact the Kids on Camera team today. Registration is easy and affordable - we help you get more acting auditions to increase your chances of getting a role in sitcoms, TV shows and soaps like Muvhango, Rhythm City, Scandal, Isono and other SABC programs.

About The Kids On Camera

Kids On Camera has been in the casting business for many years, during which we have built an excellent reputation among production companies, directors and our customers as a trusted agent in the industry. Here are some of the benefits of registering with Kids On Camera:


Once you've registered with Kids On Camera, we'll send you information about auditions for sitcoms, soaps and TV shows in the Johannesburg area. We have helped many of our clients participate in major South African television shows such as Muwhango, Rhythm City, Scandal, Isono, Igoli, Binlanders and many more. Registering with a reputable casting agency is essential if you think you have enough to star in a television show.

Saves You Time and Effort:

Finding acting auditions in Johannesburg takes time and effort. Let us take you away from the hard work by sending us all the casting calls for the roles you are a good fit for.

Affordable Registration:

Getting the help you need to get a job in the acting industry is not affordable. Adding Kids On Camera to our database requires a small one-time registration fee, making it a cost-effective solution.

Audition Training Classes:

If you are new to acting or want to boost your confidence, our audition training classes are a must. Here you'll learn some valuable information about going to auditions, as well as get some on-camera exercises to improve your confidence.

Contact kids on camera today to audition for sitcoms, TV shows and soaps

Make your dream come true by starring in sitcoms, TV shows and soaps such as Muvhango, Rhythm City, Scandal, Isono and other SABC programs. Let us help you get an acting job by arranging an acting audition for you. While we can't guarantee any work, we aim to send you for as many auditions as possible. Contact Kids On Camera today to register.

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