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How Do You Become A Catalog Model?

Ever look at a clothing catalog and think you might be the person who wears the clothes? In fact, most are average or slightly above average height and have fit, toned bodies. Think you have what it takes?

1. To become a catalog model, one must have a fit and toned body with clean skin and good teeth. Make sure your teeth are white. Yellow teeth can bother the reader.

To whiten teeth, use whitening strips available at your local store, following the package directions.
Or, have your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist, some will allow you to buy the extra strength whitener they use, be careful and follow the instructions given to you by your dentist.

For clear skin, you can use several facial washes, but choose a simple mild soap. drink plenty of water.

2. Measure yourself often. As casting directors you need to know your exact measurements and other people will ask you for them often. Companies want models that fit their clothing perfectly.[3]
Measurements include not only height, but also weight, as well as hip, bust, waist, and shoe size. Be sure to do these accurately.

3. Experiment with lots of clothes. Do it to see what looks good on you.[4] Learn how you look in photos and pose in different ways. Take some pictures taken by a professional photographer.
There are a few free ways to get a professional photographer to take your photo, there are plenty of photographers out there who need to build a portfolio just like you! Sites like Craigslist and Model Mayhem meet your needs. Beware of scams though. If you are a minor, you must bring a parent/guardian with you.

4. Watch fashion shows. This will allow you to see the parameters of the modeling and may give you some handy pointers. Plus learn about fashion.

So you better be safe than sorry.

5. Find an agent to send your photos. Send each a Z card and cover sheet. Wait for responses and hold meetings with potential agents. Sign in when you find someone who wants you and who you feel comfortable with. Offer your services free of charge in exchange for a print of your portfolio. If an agency will not represent you, see a local attorney. They may be happy to help you negotiate contracts as a non-agency representation model. Although they will charge an upfront fee.

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