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How To Start Acting Career In Hollywood - Modelfactory

How Do I Become An Actor?

There is no one way to become an actor or actress. But these are the five most common steps for those seeking a career in show business:

Train To Become An Actor.

There are no formal educational requirements for actors, but training is a good place to start. If you are a student, consider getting a BFA or MFA in Theater or attending summer programs; Otherwise, local acting classes are the best choice for most people.

Build Your Headshot, Acting Resume And Demo Reel.

Casting directors often require you to submit these materials before being considered for roles.


Early in your career, you'll find these through word of mouth and online casting platforms like Backstage.
Gain experience to improve your resume and reel. As you audition and land more roles, you'll get better footage for your reel-and better parts to list on your resume.

Get Signed By An Agent.

The experience you build will help you impress and get representation as an acting agent. With an agent in your corner, you will have access to big projects and important roles.

We've broken down each of these steps in more detail in later sections of this guide-keep reading for more industry insight into things like creating a demo reel or contacting an acting agent.

It is also important that you are prepared for the reality of this business:

as an actor, there is no guarantee that success in the traditional sense will come your way. Sure, making it big is about talent - but it's also about good luck and having the right connections. That's why it's important to make sure you're in show business for the right reasons. "Often the actors are mainly 'How do I get representation?' or 'How do I get work?' But probably the first question to ask yourself, if someone is just starting out, is 'Why do I want to act?'" says casting director Eileen Starger. "If it's work and process About, so great; If it's about being famous, that's a far more elusive goal - and one that will most likely lead to disappointment. ,

You need patience and perspective if you are going to make it as an actor. "Never look at the awards," Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer tells backstage. "It's something you can't control. The only thing you can control is a work ethic and treating the material with respect. It took me 15 years to find an overnight success, so if you're only three years old, If you're on the mark, dear, you have some time." Expect years of hard work before you see real, tangible results. Rejection is a constant (yes, even for established actors!), so make sure you That iconic "yes" can handle a long string of "no"s before landing at the end.

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