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How to Get Your Listing Approved — Fast!

Our member's safety is our number one priority so we often need to ask for extra information to verify a casting call before it goes live on site.

Sending us this information up front will mean we can get your listing live more quickly, and who doesn't want that?

How to be a Model on Expert Tips ?.

To Verify Your Listing, Here's 5 Things we Might Ask you for:

1. Links to your work

Send us links to your previous work such as your IMDb profile or professional portfolio.

2. Your company website

This should feature your physical address and contact details.

3. An email from your company email address

If you're Sarah from 'Awesome Films R Us' and you have a company email address, send us an email from to confirm your association with the company, rather than your Gmail.

In your email, please quote the listing number and let us know if you use a different email address for your ModelFactory profile. This will mean that we can easily see which profile and listing the verification is for.

How do I search for talent?

4. Your photo ID

If you want to cast minors, we'll need a copy of your photo ID, e.g. your passport or driver's license, to keep on file.

5. Reasons why there may be costs for talent involved

We rarely place casting calls where talent must pay a fee to you, however there are some exceptions to this rule.

If there are costs to talent involved with your casting, let us know what and why, and we may be able to consider your listing. Any costs to talent must be clearly stated on the listing so our members know about this in advance.

We hope that helps! Got a project in the works? Get the ball rolling and place a listing today.

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