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Which Are The Types Of Modeling? - Model Factory

Now that you understand how to become a model, you should also understand the different types of modeling career options and choose which type of modeling suits you.

Runway Modeling:

Runway models participate in runway shows and have to change clothes and makeup regularly. A runway or ramp is a platform where models walk and display clothing and fashion accessories during a fashion show. A runway model is hired based on her experience.

Plus Size Models:

Individuals whose measurements are larger than editorial fashion models can be classified as plus-size models. They are involved in advertisements for plus size clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories etc. Plus size models are increasingly participating in fashion editorials and becoming a part of the fashion industry. More designers are considering making clothing for the plus size market.

Fitness Model:

A fitness model has a well defined body with toned muscles. These models have less fat, and tend to weigh more because of the more muscle mass. Magazine ads often use these fitness models; However, some of them also work as fitness trainers, and some even participate in fitness-related competitions. Check out this guide to learn everything you need to know about how to become a fitness model.

Glamor Models:

Glamor model agencies do not have strict requirements regarding the body of the model, and it depends on the place what preferences they have. Broadly speaking it focuses on a person's sex appeal, and these models can be seen in calendars, men's magazines, lingerie modeling and music videos.

Alternative models:

Unconventional models that come in a variety of physical features, and who prefer to shoot punk, goth, and fetish, are alternative models.

Parts Model:

Parts model is employed on the basis of a particular part of the body. I can be arms, legs, chest, lips etc. Although the demand is mostly for attractive parts, there is demand for non-attractive parts as well. Some agencies only represent models that are hired for their body parts.

Promotional Model:

A physically attractive model that aims to attract customers by interacting directly with a product or service is a promotional model. They provide live experience to the consumers by giving them information about the product. They can be seen at trade shows, events, shopping malls, clubs and other public places.

These modeling tips may have helped you understand how to become a model. We hope it will be useful for aspiring fashion models like you!.

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