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How To Start Fitness Modeling? - Model Factory

Fitness models are often discovered either online through modeling competitions or through social media as well. If you are a sportsperson or an athlete then you have a great shot at modeling fitness as you are likely to already have the body type that the modeling agencies are looking for. Bodybuilding competitions and CrossFit competitions are also common entry points into the fitness modeling industry. If you are wondering how to enter male fitness modeling you will be interested to know that male fitness models, in particular, often get their shot through bodybuilding.

Many modeling agencies and talent scouting agencies often have open calls for model casting or modeling competitions to find new talent. Keeping an eye on these agencies' social media channels is a great way to take advantage of open calls when you're trying to start fitness modeling. Social media is also a great platform to promote yourself when you are trying to get into fitness modeling. It's a good idea to curate your feed, choose the right hashtags, and keep your social media channels active to maintain engagement. But this is the more passive part of finding a fitness modeling job. In addition to having an attractive profile on social media, you should also try to contact talent scouts and agencies directly through email or social media. You can send them a link to your portfolio and a few words about why you want to work with them. Cold emailing doesn't always ensure a response, but it can be a very valid way to get the attention of talent scouts and enter the fitness modeling industry.

The most important thing to consider when you are thinking of starting fitness modeling is to have a portfolio. You should have an online portfolio website that you can add to your cold email as a link or as a reference when you apply for a model casting call. If you've never built a portfolio before, we have an article on how to build a perfect model portfolio that will definitely be helpful! With your fitness modeling portfolio, you can show potential employers that you are serious about modeling and that you have the talent and commitment needed to succeed in the fashion industry.

Creating your model portfolio is easier than it looks. Modelfactory can help you build a great model portfolio website without any hassle. All you have to do is choose from a range of feature-rich, minimalist, professional templates and start building your own online model portfolio effortlessly without touching a single line of code.

What are The Physical Requirements For a Fitness Model?

Fitness models should be tall and well built. This doesn't mean that you need overly exaggerated muscles or the physique of a professional bodybuilder, but you do need to be lean, well-muscled and toned. Flabby abs are a strict no in fitness modeling. However, there are other styles of modeling that may be more suitable for you if you do not fit the physical requirements required to be a fitness model. Plus size modeling is a growing category within the modeling industry and if you want to try your hand at some non-traditional methods and styles within modeling then this guide to plus-size modeling might be interesting to you.

Also, like most other models, fitness models are required to be tall. A height of at least 5'6" for women's fitness models and 6" and above for male fitness models are general requirements. A traditionally pretty face may not be necessary but your facial features should be attractive, pleasing and photogenic. You need to be able to appeal to a wide range of demographics, especially if you want to model for commercials, print ads, and fitness catalogs.

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