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When Estonia scores high in the international rankings, it is a matter of conversation for the Northeast European nation. Here are some of the most surprising and captivating forces in the country.

Quality of Life

Life is something to be enjoyed and appreciated. You could say that living a high quality life means a life worth living. In this regard, Estonia ranks twelfth in the world. People enjoy their life in Estonia because of the country's safety, security, climate and much more.

Clean Environment And Sustainable Thinking

The World Health Organization ranks Estonia's air as having some of the cleanest air in the world, along with countries such as Finland and Iceland. The fact that more than half of Estonia's land area is covered by forest (52%), making it the sixth most forested country in Europe, contributes to the high air quality. Nature reserves make up about a fifth of Estonia's forest, ensuring its conservation for the future.

The appreciation that Estonians have for nature also makes the country one of the most sustainable in the world. Today Estonia ranks fourth in the world for sustainability.
top model

Did you know that Estonia produces more fashion models per capita than any other country in the world, with about 74 models per million people? According to a century-long study, it certainly doesn't hurt that Estonians are the third tallest people in the world. The average height for Estonian females is 169 cm and for males is 180 cm.


Results from a 2018 PISA study, the same study that put Finland on the map 15 years ago, rank Estonia's basic education as the best in Europe. Estonia's 15-year-olds rank first in Europe in reading, science and maths. And in the world, Estonia students rank 5th in reading, 8th in maths, and 4th in science. As a result, Estonia also has a literacy rate of 100%.

This high appreciation for education also extends to Estonia's university system. Estonia's four universities remain highly competitive with the rest of the world and the University of Tartu ranks between 251-300 in the world.

Quality Of Life And Opportunities

In addition to education, Estonia has achieved Internet freedom (second globally), economic freedom (15th globally), press freedom (11th globally), overall quality of life (25th globally), and prosperity (globally). 21st) has attracted attention in various international measurements. , This equates to an excellent business environment and the highest number of startups per capita in Europe.

Estonian Capital Ranking

Of course, Tallinn, Estonia's largest and most populous city, has also drawn praise. You can feel that as soon as you arrive at Tallinn International Airport, one of the most highly ranked and certainly the most comfortable airport in Europe. If you've come to the city to do business you're in luck as it was named the best convention venue in 2021. If you're coming to live longer, there's another good news from the same year, the city was named the No. 1 spot for remote workers. With so much to do, see, taste, experience, it's no wonder that Tallinn featured in Time magazine's list of the best places in the world for 2021.

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