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How To Become A Model?

We have spoken to several successful models and agencies and compiled a list of tips below that you should follow to enter the modeling industry and kickstart your modeling career. So here's how to get started in modeling.

Develop Your Modeling Skills

Study And Understand Posing.

Practice runway walking. What separates a beautiful model from another is her ability to pose and walk. Modeling is an art. Whether it's the season of binge-watching on America's Next Top Model season, scanning the pages of Vogue, watching YouTube tutorials, reading modeling ebooks like Glamor Shots Photography, or finding a favorite model. It is initially very awkward to pose and walk on the runway. Practice. Here's a modeling tip for you: Ask a friend to shoot pictures of you in front of the camera and in front of another person, comfortable to pose. Or start small and put a camera on a tripod and practice by yourself until you start your journey of becoming a fashion model before your confidence grows.

Practice Model Poses In Front Of The Camera

The next step in learning how to start modeling is to practice in front of the camera. The supermodels you see in beautiful magazine photos don't just sit in front of the camera and get lucky when a highly skilled fashion photographer took their picture. He worked with the photographer to create a masterpiece. Both are equally skilled in their respective trades, a model will use her posture, facial expressions and artistic intuition to help create the photographer's vision. Having the right posing skills is an essential requirement for becoming a model. The photographer will use his knowledge of lighting, aperture, framing, etc. to bring everything to life on his end. It is a choreographed dance, and you need to hone your skills in the best possible way. If you can't pose in front of the camera and feel confident, it will be 20 times harder to get a great shot. Work on becoming the best model!
 Here is a list of fashion website templates for you to use.

Get A Killer Modeling Portfolio

One of the most important steps to becoming a model and building a stable career is building a well-rounded modeling portfolio that showcases your strong points through high-quality, stunning images. One of the first requirements a model will look for agencies and clients to make a good first impression is a modeling portfolio. It helps to have both an online version (your modeling portfolio website) that you can send to someone via email and a printed version that you can show off when you meet someone face-to-face. All the exposure you need to climb the ladder in the modeling industry.

Find the Right Modeling Agency

Every fashion model needs a modeling agency. The first step to getting signed by a modeling agency is getting noticed by a top modeling agency in your area. Viewing requires a very simple submission: a snapshot of itself. These snapshots are commonly referred to in the industry as 'digital' (or sometimes 'polaroid').

Modeling agencies are looking for the most simple and natural photos so that they can see you for you. Submit your snapshots with minimal to no makeup on: Sweep as lightly of foundation and mascara as possible. Don't style your hair (but make sure it's clean), and include pictures of your hair, and pulling your hair away from your face as well. The background should be plain and not distracting (standing against a plain wall works best). Take pictures using natural light; A friend can easily play the role of photographer for you. If a friend of yours is currently learning fashion design, be sure to take her advice on your wardrobe selection. Your digital should include the following images: smiling (with or without teeth), non-smiling, up-close headshot(s), profiles on the left and right, and a full-length shot (of both cameras) facing and turned away from the camera). Your outfit should consist of a T-shirt (solid color) and jeans.

Your submission to the modeling agency must not include the following: selfies, photoshopped photos, blurry/fuzzy/zoomed-out images, etc. Don't fake tan, don't wear false eyelashes, don't do any crazy contouring with makeup (to 'cheat' and give the illusion of being makeup free and having killer cheekbones and a naturally smaller nose). Don't overthink it: First impressions to modeling agencies seem to be simple and natural.

Continually Improve Yourself

Take care of your skin, hair, body and health. Like it or not, modeling is a beauty-driven industry, and beauty/appearance is undeniably essential. (That being said, you can still make it as a business model regardless of physical beauty or body type.) However, for fashion models, the height/weight standard is more than any other style in modeling. are more rigid and inflexible in comparison. you know a lot about genetics you were given.

Fashion Model

To become a model, you must adhere to your thorough beauty regimen. Many supermodels use the following habits as part of their beauty routine, including but not limited to the following: drinking water like a fish throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep skin supple, not smoking, and, keeping alcohol to a minimum. Other habits include exfoliating/washing/moisturizing face every morning and evening, wearing SPF, never going to sleep in their makeup, regular manicures, and hair appointments, taking a multivitamin, working out 4-5 days per week, maintaining a strict diet/meal plan, among many more. Looking and feeling your best will only benefit you no matter how you look at it – professionally or personally. It is a win-win. But in this case, having your beauty habits nailed down is absolutely a career advantage for any aspiring fashion model. A model who takes care of her appearance is much more of an asset than a lazy one with poor hygiene and no motivation to look her best. 

If you do not fit the current fashion model requirements (height/weight), there are many other genres in the modeling industry that you can pursue instead. Please read this article on the types of modeling to learn which genres you may be a good fit for.

Be Safe

As a fashion model, you're vulnerable, especially when you're starting up. So have your guard up and be safe. My most important tip for aspiring fashion models working with fashion designers or photographers: Don't fall for phony modeling schools (you DO NOT need to pay money to attend any modeling school or training, period). You shouldn't have to pay for any photos to get started. Your agency should be the one taking care of setting up test shoots. There are many other scams out there: modeling contests, unscrupulous "modeling agents" or "casting directors" or "photographers," fake casting calls which promise thousands of dollars in compensation and a photo shoot in another country, etc. Have a sound support system in place. The modeling industry can be an overwhelming place, and it can be easy to fall prey to many other dangers (party scene, eating disorders, etc.). Keep your friends and family informed of what is happening in your career. They can be a sounding board if anything sounds fishy or unusual. They can drive you to a photo shoot and wait for you outside. They can keep you encouraged when you face rejection or a rough patch. Stay safe and have a support system!

Be Professional

Getting into modeling is not an easy task. You have to be a professional through and through. Answer phone calls. Return voicemails and emails promptly. There is no excuse to be 30 minutes late to a meeting, casting call, photo shoot. If anything, you should always be 15 minutes EARLY. This takes planning and time management skills. Aspiring models make a big mistake when they adopt the mentality of: "Well, I'm pretty enough to be a model, so I will just skate by with my looks alone and minimal effort." Many up-and-coming models of the past never worked another day in their life in the modeling industry after their unprofessionalism, lousy attitude, and reputation began to overshadow their beauty. Nobody wants to work with a diva. There are plenty of other beautiful girls in the world who WON'T be snotty or rude.

When you book a job, you are representing both yourself and your agency. When you are on set, treat EVERYONE with respect. If your makeup artist was given a specific directive, which she followed, but you hate the way she did your makeup… well, that's too bad. She did her job, so now do yours. Produce some killer photos, regardless of your makeup preference, and without saying mean things about the makeup artist to others. Respect and courtesy will take you a LONG way in your modeling career!

Commit To Work

Modeling may seem easy and glamorous, but that is by no means the reality. It will take a lot of commitment on your part to become a model. Are you prepared to maintain a diet, fitness, and beauty regimen, even when you are having a dry spell and not booking any work? Are you willing to do a 12-hr photo shoot in freezing and windy conditions, while wearing a wardrobe that offers no warmth, while still getting the shot and not complaining? Have you accepted that it may take years once signed to a modeling agency to garner success (if ever) while your agency develops you as a model? Are you willing to travel internationally on long trips, and be away from your significant other, family, friends, and the comforts of home for an extended period? Are you willing to work a completely unglamorous side-job when the bookings are slow? If your agency wants you to try a dramatic hairstyle change, are you flexible and open to it? These commitments are not meant to scare you by any means – modeling CAN be fun, rewarding, exciting, and glamorous. Just make sure you are aware of the possibilities on both sides, good and bad.

Build Your Social Media Following

If you are an aspiring fashion model, chances are you are seeking modeling agency representation. As mentioned earlier, submit your digital ones, practice pose and walk poses, develop a beauty regimen, and more while waiting for responses from modeling agencies. In the meantime, build your social media following. It can help to get you signed to an agency, believe it or not! Building a following on social media is a very new phenomenon. These days, modeling agencies will take a model's online audience into consideration whether or not to sign them.

Advertisers use models all the time, but more and more so they want to use models that already have a built-in audience to promote. Being a fashion model doesn't require a huge following on social media, but it is an important trait. The trend is currently showing no signs of slowing down. So jump on the board as fast as you can. Be wise in your social media strategy and messaging. Know what you stand for, show your authentic self to your followers, engage with them regularly, and post great photos! You can even take it a step further and start a blog, a YouTube channel etc. Many non-interested influencers have become professional models because of their large following.

Never Let Your Pride Go Down

By now you must have seen most of the steps to become a model, but it is also less important not to let your pride go down. No matter what, you are still a valuable person with feelings, thoughts, and ideas. You are more than just a pretty face. Most fashion models accept jobs booked by their agency, which is fine and fairly standard. But if anything ever crosses the line or makes you feel uncomfortable, you need to learn to speak up and give your opinion before it's too late. While we just mentioned commitment being an important feature, there is a fine line. You should never be so dedicated to your career that it becomes more important than you and your own needs. Who do you support? Know it from the start, and stick to it unwaveringly. The less you worry about acceptance and acceptance, the better it will be for you. Know when to put your foot down, and always have your back. After all, if you don't have your own back, who else will?.

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