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How Do You Prepare For A Modeling Audition? - Modelfactory

As a model, auditions can be the start of many years of memorable, exciting careers. The prospect of selling yourself to a potential employer can be terrifying, and the moments before your audition can leave you shivering with fear rather than bursting with confidence. When it comes to modeling, casting is an essential part of the job search, and if you're looking for a new job, you'll probably have to deal with multiple auditions. Below are some modeling audition tips provided by the modeling experts at Professionally Beautiful to help you make a good first impression.

Modeling Audition Tips

Before doing anything, you'll want to read briefly with your agent, or find an agency to work with with a fine-toothed comb, as it may contain information that will guide your preparation. The brief can also help you come up with a predetermined plan for selling yourself. For example, if you're casting for lingerie casting, it helps to shave your legs and moisturize before shooting.

Do Your Research

Get as much knowledge as you can about the company you are casting for. Check out the company's website and click through to their social profiles and blogs to learn more about them and the models they've worked with in the past.

If you have already been given the names of casting directors, try to find out their experience and overall personality. Knowing more about the company and recruiters helps you prepare questions and gives you more confidence during the audition.

Go Alone

Auditions for models are like interviews. As such, they are a professional assessment of your abilities as a potential hire. It can be distracting for a casting director, for example, to have friends, family, and neighbors out there too.

Dress The Part

Wear a dress to show that you are a true professional. So, unless you're asked to wear something specific, try not to overthink the outfit. Here's a sample model casting costume to consider:


You'll never go wrong with high-waisted skinny jeans and a fitted tank top or a little black dress. Make sure your hair is neat and secure with a pair of plain high heeled pumps.


Skinny jeans, a fitted plain tee, and a pair of smart casual shoes are the way to go.

Arrive 10 Minutes Early

Few things can shake you up more than arriving late for a casting, so try to arrive about 10 minutes ahead of time. You also want to avoid giving the casting directors a bad first impression because no one wants to be left waiting.

Be Ready To Take The Direction

Modeling auditions are inherently different, but at least you can expect some direction during the casting process. You may be asked to try on clothes, for example, to be photographed or asked to walk (usually during a catwalk casting).

Be Polite

Throughout the audition, be courteous to everyone you meet. Politeness is preferred immediately so smile even if the audition didn't go as well as you expected.

Modeling Audition Tips

Don't be intimidated, hold your head high and you'll be brimming with confidence. Once you're done, inform your agent that you went to the audition and give them an overview of how things went. By using these modeling audition tips, you'll be able to gain more confidence in yourself knowing that you've secured that callback to the job.

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