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How To Become A Dancer For Beginners - Model factory

1. Get Inspired

Whether it is your first week or 10th year of dancing, the key to becoming a good dancer is to be a good dancer. Remind yourself why you think dancing is fun or cool!

This "why" is going to lead to times when you feel defeated or lazy.

Feed your inspiration by watching dance videos, talking to your dance buddies, going to dance shows - whatever makes you feel that spark again.

2. Warm Up And Stretch

Before you start dancing, you have to make sure your body is ready for it! Because trying to dance when your body's cold and tight is no fun.

Stretching a muscle and sitting out is even less fun. And it's no fun to be seriously injured.

Warming up and stretching before dancing will help you move with a wider range of motion and more control, and will help prevent injuries.

3. Study Music

Training your body is just one part of becoming a good dancer. You will get a lot out of studying music, a better understanding of how to dance to it.

Ultimately, your body is becoming a physical representation of the way music sounds. Those dancers you watch that somehow become music?

4. Learn the Basics and Grooves

Narrow down the styles you want to learn, and focus on the basic movements of that style. Something that all dance styles have in common is a groove.

You probably already drain all the time! Do you shake your head while listening to music in the car? Do you go to the club and play side-by-side?

They are all grooves! Of course, there are many different grooves - some have official names and techniques that you can learn from.

5. Take a Dance Class

Taking classes in the studio is a great way to learn choreography, practice performing, and meet new dancer friends! Not sure how to find one?

6. Train Technique and Execution

Technique and foundation are the ABCs of all movements.

The drilling technique will ingrain that movement into your muscle memory, so you can do it without thinking.

7. Learn to Walk With Emotion

There are many different parts to executing the movement the way you want it.

There are technical parts (which you will master through learning the basics of a dance style and taking lots of classes) and artistic parts (which you will learn by connecting to music and finding ways to convey the feeling of sound)

While it is important to begin your dance training by learning the more technical building blocks that will require you to move your body in a way that looks calm, confident and relaxed, the next phase of your training should be focused on becoming that dancer –

The guy who walks on the dance floor or stage and makes everyone think: Wow, they don't dance to music. They become music.

To do this, you have to learn all about texture, which is how dancers describe how a sound feels.

For example, the sound of cymbals may sound loud and sudden.

Or the sound of a bass note may feel intense and deep, such as a boom that resonates through your chest.

So when you hear a cymbal you can dance faster and faster.

When you hear a bass, you can use heavy, ground-moving movements.

Learn more about textures in this video!

8. Explore Through Freestyle Dancing

Freestyling is a great way to practice your fundamentals, get in touch with music, and explore ways to move your body.

9. Create Choreography

Creating choreography is a great way to challenge yourself as a dancer.

You'll be inspired to come up with creative new moves, freestyle, and focus on music in ways you've never done before.

10. Find What Makes You Unique

The most captivating dancers are those who have found their voice and learned to use it.

Think about your musical tastes, develop your natural groove, embrace the weird poses that come with your body.

Your unique style will not only make you a better dancer, but it will also make you the best dancer you can be.

11. Be Growth Minded

Don't pigeon-hole yourself into the "type" of dancer. Allow yourself to explore all kinds of dance, allow yourself to fail, let yourself strive for growth.
If you are steadily progressing, even in small steps, you will soon reach a level you never thought possible.

So keep growing, keep changing, keep evolving - one day at a time.

12. Kill It On Stage

Dance is a performance art - so being a great dancer means you know how to hit it on stage.

Next time you're at a show or competition, or filming a video, put up your best.

13. Be the leader

If you want to push yourself even further, consider becoming the captain or director of your dance team.

Being a leader will not only teach you management and communication skills, it's also an opportunity to give back to a team and community that provides you with plenty of opportunities.

It all starts with 'why'.

14. Collaborate With Others in our community

Working together to create a piece may mean hosting a workshop, whatever!


It's not about the video. But if you worked hard on a piece or enjoyed teaching a class, do share! Your work can inspire someone else, and inspire you to do better.

16. Take Care Of Your Body!

Although our body is the instrument that we use to dance, many of us ignore it.

A healthy, nourished, hydrated body will perform much better in any dance setting than a weak, stiff, dehydrated body.

Be a good dancer by keeping your body in an optimal, dance-ready position.
Becoming a good dancer is a journey that looks different for everyone. Take the essential tips for yourself to make your development more focused and efficient!

We hope this helped you understand how to be a good dancer.

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