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What Does It Take To Be A Dancer? - Model factory

Beyond the Obvious-

you have to be a skilled dancer, of course!-you'll need three things to build a career in dance: a headshot, a dance resume, and a dance reel. Most auditions will require you to submit these materials in advance, as will some potential agents. We'll walk you through each one below:


Most dance auditions and casting calls will require you to bring current headshots. They serve some important purposes. First, they are your professional calling card and help agents, casting directors and choreographers to remember you. Second, they give casting directors and choreographers a quick, easy way to determine which dancers from a pool of applicants are uniquely the best fit for the company or production they are going for. That's why it's important that your headshot looks like you (and especially like you right now—if you have long hair in your headshot and a pixie cut in real life, casting directors may feel like they've shot their hair). time wasted). Do your best to look natural and look like the real you in your headshots. Lastly, make sure your face is clearly visible in the shot and that you print your headshots as an 8" x 11" photo.

Dance Resume:

Dancing may be your passion, but it is also a profession—and you need a resume to apply for any job. Generally speaking, resumes should be concise, clear and easy to read. Instead of listing experience as a nanny, server, or dog-walker, a dance resume should include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. a working phone number
  3. Email address
  4. Association status (AEA, EMC, SAG-AFTRA, SAG-eligible, non-union, etc.)
  5. your dance experience

No need to list your age or address or other personal details. Depending on who and what you're auditioning for, physical attributes can be involved. Theater auditions generally don't require such details, whereas filmmaking—especially if you're self-tapping—often do. Don't hesitate to include the URL for your website or demo reels, but make sure it is as short and simple as possible.

Dance Reel:

It is important to have a dance reel regardless of what kind of project or production you apply for. Dance reels are usually a few minutes long and consist of a series of clips that highlight your dance experience. (More on that below.) Consider this your opportunity to let your reel shine on your own, even if you feel lost in a crowd of 75 other dancers at an open call.

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