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How Do I Make A Dance Reel For Auditions? - Modelfactory

A dance reel-like a traditional demo reel for actors-is a short collection of video clips that showcase your experience and skills as a dancer. To create your dance reel, start with a screen containing your headshot and your name. Then, transition to the clip you selected. This should describe your strengths and mastery of the technique. If you're a versatile dancer, perform several of the styles you've trained in. But don't include sub-par clips just to add another style to your reel.

If you don't have footage from a performance, don't worry-it's acceptable to film a friend you're choreographing in or even outside the studio space and use it on your reel. As you gain more dance experience, you can update your clips with higher-quality footage. When possible, avoid group dances where it is difficult to tell who is who. If you include group performances, put that clip on your reel for later so that viewers have a better chance of identifying you based on your single clip.

Choose background music that complements your movement. Avoid music that is too distracting and takes away from your dance, but don't worry if the music you choose doesn't always perfectly match your movements on the reel. The important thing is to have a consistent flow that makes the audience feel excited about you as a dynamic artist.

End your reel with your email and phone number (and a website if you have one) to make it easier for viewers to contact you if they want to audition or book you.

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