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Guidelines for placing castings on ModelFactory

Who can uses Model Factory?

  • You can list opportunities for actors, extras, models, musicians, dancers, crew, hair and make up artists, stylists, photographers, reality TV participants and more.
  • We allow jobs for beginners (Freshers), right through to jobs needing professional talent. These include feature films, short films, modelling jobs, corporate videos, stills shoots, callouts from agents scouting new talent to represent, TVC's, theatre and more.
  • Castings come from a huge range of casting professionals, with a huge range of budgets. This includes projects from student filmmakers, freelance photographers, advertising agencies, award winning production companies and professional Casting Directors

What kind of work can I list on ModelFactory?

Paid work

  • The person placing the listing sets the payment on offer. ModelFactory doesn't take a booking fee or a commission on jobs booked.
  • Payments need to comply with any local national minimum wage rules. The listing owner is responsible for this. You can find our more about minimum wage rules here.
  • We encourage Casting Professionals to be upfront about the opportunity on offer, and the fees or payment, so talent can put the job into context and decide if it's right for them.
  • Vouchers, store credit or product in exchange for work (i.e. contra) are not considered as payment on ModelFactory - but can be a nice drawcard for an Unpaid listing.

Opportunities that are unpaid, or that offer expenses.

  • Our members tell us they love the huge range of jobs available on ModelFactory, so we've decided to list some unpaid or 'expenses only' opportunities and let talent decide what's right for them.
  • We work hard to educate Casting Professionals about what's appropriate. For instance, if a student filmmaker is making a no-budget graduation film, our members tell us they'd like to hear about that, and understand why no payment is offered. If someone places a listing that seems commercial in nature but offers no payment, we'll reach out to find out more and encourage payment.
  • We listen to our talent. If we receive complaints about certain opportunities we may remove the listing. If we feel we can't place an unpaid or 'expenses only' listing we'll get in touch with the listing owner to discuss it.
  • We wish ALL jobs on offer could be paid. This is a tricky issue and one we're always listening to our members on, to make sure there's a range of great and genuine opportunities on site for everyone.
  • Casting Professionals guarantee to us any job that they place on ModelFactory meets National Minimum Wage requirements (or similar, depending on the region). This means if they list an unpaid job they believe their production doesn't meet the legal criteria that means the work must be paid.