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10 Types of Female Models That You Are | Model Factory

When the term 'model' is mentioned, people often think of long, thin runway models, who catwalk the runway at many fashion shows.

Or, the gorgeous women spread across the magazine are included worldwide. In fact, these are a fraction of the different model types in the industry.

A large number of models have successful careers, and many of them do not show their faces or appear in fashion photos!.


editorial model

Editorial models or fashion models are high-fashion models who work with the biggest names in the fashion industry. You know, Gigi Hadid and Bela Hadid belong to the fashion industry.

You may have also heard old names like Naomi Campbell, Carly Claus, Gisele Bundchen, and Cindy Crawford, who were all supermodels. They usually work with high-fashion names from Gucci, Balmain, and Armani to Valentino and Versace, and you see them in the glossy pages of Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire.

Editorial models are said to be the type of photography these magazines use. The purpose of an editorial is to tell a story using pictures. Most of them are fashion magazines, showcasing the latest trends in makeup and skincare.

He also placed the works of upcoming designers, and getting your work as a designer on those pages is considered an achievement. So, these high-fashion models work with the biggest and most fashionable names in the business.

To complete the required measurements, you have to be between 5’9 ”and 6’ with a 23-inch waist and 33-inch hips and bust.

However, in some cases, magazines may choose someone who is not suitable for the exact requirements that fit their needs.

To maintain strict weight standards, you must maintain a healthy diet and maintain your fitness. Editorial models typically double as runway models, although they may be poor in many other modeling types.


runway model

Runway models, also known as catwalk models, are universally recognized models that come to everyone's mind when thinking about models.

They walk the runway at the biggest fashion events, wearing the creations of leading designers and the latest fashion trends.

If you are familiar with the events in New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week, you should be familiar with runway models and designers with big names.

The runway models basically showcase new designs and trends for the upcoming seasons, and they take a lot of clothing design and dress samples.

Therefore, runway models fit the clothes that designers create for these shows, meaning that they have to maintain accurate measurements to fit these clothes.

Clothes that designers make are manufactured in small sample sizes that can be modified to fit other sizes.

Runway models must be at least 5 feet 9 inches and are like tall models. Their bust should be a low 34 inch, 23-inch waist, and 34-inch hips.


part model

Adele Uddo and Kimbra Hickey are highly successful models you may have never heard of before. But, you must have seen their hands or feet many times without knowing it.

Parts models differ slightly from other models because they use only parts of their body. If you've ever seen a commercial featuring only hands or feet, you've seen parts of the work.

Parts models are classified based on the parts of their body that they use, and the requirements vary for each one. The most popular parts used in modeling are the hands, feet, and feet.

Teeth, face, hair, and even back models are in demand. Their job descriptions include posing with advertised products, and sometimes they also act as hand or foot duets for other models or actors.

Hand models usually do work showing jewelry, nails, or any type of modeling, requiring a complete handholding to display cosmetic products. Foot and foot models showcase shoes, ankle bracelets, and even nail polish.

Hair models are hired for their luxurious and healthy hair, and you can find dental models on toothpaste advertisements.


glamour model

The Glamor model is a curved and more volatile version of the editorial model, and they perform very similar types of work.

They typically appear in high-fashion magazines and commercial illustrations, but the difference in the type of work they do is in the type of posing, which is more suggestive or sexual-like than regular editorial works.

Glamor models appear in magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse as well as other magazines that are fashion-forward like Cosmopolitan.

Fashion models with glamor model lingerie models and swimsuit models can work. They can also serve as commercial or promotional models.

Glamor model requirements are not strict like other high-fashion model types, but they are still required to maintain strict body measurements and figures.

If you have seen models on the cover of glamorous magazines, they are glamor models. Victoria's Secret models are popular examples of glamor models.


mature model

The mature model is proof that it is never too late to build it as a model. Mature models are typically between the ages of 35 and 45, but some women also work at the age of 60 to 80.

Mature models have to maintain healthy figures and beautiful skin but are also expected to feel at home in front of the camera.

Thus, many mature models today experience being models in their younger years.

Cindy Crawford made a comfortable transition to mature modeling after years of working as a young supermodel, but names such as Nicola Griffin came into the industry at just 53 years old.

Nowadays, you can find mature models on the pages of high-fashion magazines and in their campaigns, but they mostly serve as business models.

It is not uncommon to see older women with perfect skin being photographed as the faces of some beauty and skincare brands that display anti-aging products.


commercial model

Commercial models of every size, come in body shapes and sizes. They include more product advertising rather than high-fashion modeling.

Commercial models take any form to take on customers, and they operate in every industry that includes the sale of products and services. They can be hired for retail clothing models and advertising, but they can also serve as a market for companies and even influencers.

Typically, retail marketers rent commercial models with different sizes and body shapes, depending on which image they want to portray. Commercial modeling is one of the most inclusive modeling areas and is a major requirement for staying fit and looking healthy.

Although most commercial models employed fall in the height range of 5 ”6” to 5’11 ”, this really depends on the direction the art director wants the photoshoot to take.


promotional model

Promotional models are brand ambassadors for brands and companies that are involved in providing products and services to customers in various fields.

You'll see them taking their products to a wider audience at large events, trade shows, press conferences, and even brand-hosted conferences.

Due to the nature of their work, promotional models have to cultivate a certain image to portray the brand they operate in the best possible light.

Promotional modeling is more about your personality, confidence, and ability to clean body measurements.

Of course, promotional models have to take care of their bodies and have a healthy and attractive look, but the right personality and charisma are more important when they are hired. Because of this, the body has strict requirements to become a promo model.

A promotional model must have sufficient knowledge of the brand they represent, whether short-term or long-term.

Potential customers should be able to answer any questions they may have, and they must be attractive and charismatic to market products effectively.

Promotional models can sometimes work with brands on one-day visits, or they can be maintained on more long-term contracts.


plus size model

Over the years, the modeling world has dominated the thin, tall, and slender models that usually appear on the runway since the growth of the fashion industry.

But, nowadays, the fashion industry has grown into a more inclusive community, and the recent popularity of plus-size models, such as Ashley Graham and Hayley Hasselhoff, is a testament to this fact. Plus-size models are now a large part of the modeling industry, especially for commercial modeling.

Due to the increasing demand for more representation, many fashion companies now have a plus-size department that employs multiple women of different sizes.

Plus-size models are important because they represent more realistic bodies, making Couture's reach higher for regular women. Despite its large size, plus-size models still hope to remain healthy and boost confidence.

Plus-size runway models are generally not as curvy or unstable as business models or even editorial models, so they are not representative of the real world.

For example, size 12 cannot be considered large or plus-size, but in the fashion industry, it is considered plus-size. Plus-size models are generally not conducted for accurate measurements; Rather, they are grouped based on the size of their dress.

To be considered plus-size, you must be 12 to 14 in size for the runway, and 18 to 22 in size for print media. Also, you should be between 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet.


petite model

Kate Moss is a well-known example of a successful petit model who has made a name for herself in that modeling field. The Petit model is usually smaller than 5 feet 7 inches but is considered smaller.

They can depend on the direction of their employers and photoshoots in many modeling sectors ranging from glamor to commercial. Typically, it is easy to enter modeling areas other than the runway because the height requirements are strict there.

In addition to height requirements, to be a small model, you need to get out of a reassuring and self-assured sense of style and temperament that sets you apart.

Nowadays, recruiters and employers are more interested in your complete package, rather than focusing too much on height.

Also, when you get work advertising products and clothes, your height is not important. You can also become a very successful parts model!.


fitness model

As the name suggests, fitness models are very toned, athletic, and fit with well-developed muscles and healthy lifestyles. Many fitness models used to be physical trainers or professional athletes, so they have bodies to show for it.

The world of fitness modeling is very demanding and competitive, and it takes a lot to maintain the kind of commitment that looks like them.

Fitness modeling is like a niche community because they work for only a few fitness companies, usually commercially. They primarily sell fitness clothes, equipment, and even healthy diets.

You also see them joining workout videos or selling workout gear for specific brands.

So, they can be both commercial and promotional modeling. If you prefer to maintain a fit and athletic body and a positive and health-conscious lifestyle, then you can serve as a fitness model.


lingerie and swimsuit

To be a swimsuit model, you not only have to be curvy and shapely, but you also have to be comfortable enough to show off your body as you will almost always be dressed by wearing clothes. Although swimsuit models are generally curved compared to editorial models, they perform similar functions.

The only difference is that swimsuit model are mostly photographed in bikinis, lingerie, sleepwear, and even summer clothes.

It is also easy to confuse swimsuit models with glamor models because they pose equally, but they are also different.

Depending on how versatile they are, swimsuit models can model for different brands, and even cross over into editorial, runway, and commercial modeling.

Swimsuit models are expected to be more athletic than other model types except for the fitness model - but they are still required to maintain their feminine look.

The Sports Illustrated model is a great example of a swimsuit model, as the magazine selects a new model for its cover every few weeks.

These models are usually featured in a new swimsuit line and suggestive poses. Even swimsuit modeling is just recently opening up to oversized bodies, and some of them have been featured on popular lingerie magazines.

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