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What Should A Female Wear To A Modeling Audition?

All models know the importance of making a good first impression, and no model is more important than casting. Casting is an interview that potential models must participate in so that a brand can decide whether they are the right fit for them. Models need to stand out from the crowd and showcase their potential. Choosing the right clothes to wear can seem daunting, but don't worry. Follow our list of dos and don'ts and you can't go wrong!

What Not To Wear To Model Casting


First, let's start with the don'ts. While most of this is common sense, some may come as a surprise to the aspiring model.

Do Not Wear Too Much Make-Up


Agencies and brands are using casting as an opportunity to showcase your natural beauty. Wearing a face full of makeup will only cover up your natural features. That doesn't mean you can't wear makeup at all; In fact, it is expected that you will wear a little. But you need to understand the importance of a no makeup look.

It's all about emphasizing your natural features without looking flashy and without selling a false impression of your look. What we mean by this is don't feel the urge to pull on your lips too much because they will be surprised when they see you without makeup. There's a fine line between using makeup to bring out your best features and using it to completely transform your appearance.

  • Practice with makeup so you know what works and what doesn't. If you're not sure, go to the makeup counter and ask them to help you color-match your foundation and concealer shades. They can also advise on the best options for eyeshadow and eyebrow pencil to suit your complexion.
  • While brushes and sponges are a great way to apply facial makeup, most experts rely on the heat of their fingers to actually work the product onto the skin, leaving a smooth and natural finish.
  • Choose eyeshadows that are natural and complement your eye color. Browns and taupes are great choices, or a piece of subtle shimmery nude would look great too. If you don't like or wear eyeshadow in general, run a dark brown pencil along your lids to make them appear thicker.
  • Choose a good mascara that lengthens the lashes without making them look spidery. A clean mascara wand is a great tool for brushing out the lids and removing any flakes.
  • A natural bronze glow or a pop of color on the cheeks will bring back the complexion in the skin. Cream makeup is ideal for this as it creates a natural complexion while keeping the skin fresh.
  • On lips, choose a tinted balm that is close to your natural lip color. You can use a lip pencil to lightly bring the structure into the shape of your lips, but don't overdo it.
  • It is fashionable to draw eyebrows at the moment, but try to create a natural yet attractive shape with the help of an eyebrow pencil or brow mascara.

Don’t Wear a Complicated Up-Do

It may seem tempting to spend the time dyeing your hair into an elaborate up-do, but resist the urge. Agencies and brands want to see your hair in all its natural glory. Many models keep their hair in a high ponytail or bun to show off their facial features, but they don't spend hours making sure each hair is trimmed in place because they know they need to keep their hair up. Can be asked to take down.

Style the hair in a natural way that suits your features. If your hair is naturally frizzy, spend time conditioning it and use some curling tongs to define the curls. If you have straight hair, make sure to cut the ends regularly and keep it clean and conditioned. For Afro-Caribbean hair, ask a professional hairdresser for the best way to keep your curls moisturized and healthy. Whatever your hair type, the most important thing is to take care of it as much as you can. Remember that there will be a hairdresser styling your hair at the photoshoot, so you don't need to be great at styling it yourself. But for casting, it needs to look effortlessly beautiful and compliment your look.

If you do dye your hair, make sure it is done by a professional so that it is even and well maintained. Keep the hair roots updated and visit the hairdresser regularly to maintain the overall health of the hair.

Some models are brave and risk a bright hair color, but be careful – this limits the potential jobs you can get. Alternative models regularly have bright, unusual hairstyles as are the customers and brands they are representing. For regular modeling agencies, they usually request that the hair is a natural color.

Do Not Wear Loud Print


Now is not the time to wear complicated, edgy clothes. Yes, you can look great in it, but the clothes will distract potential employees from the real selling point – you. The purpose of casting is to sell you, not your clothing or accessories. Tone your garment so that it shows off your body and doesn't draw attention or mask your shape.

Avoid Badly Fitting Clothes


There's no denying that oversized jumpers look great, but they don't have a place in casting interviews. The clothes you wear need to flatter and compliment your natural body shape, not cover it up. Feel free to wear whatever you like on your way to the casting, but be prepared to take off any heavy layers like coats or jumpers, especially if they have you covered. The same goes for winter wear such as hats and scarves. It's a good idea to bring a bag large enough to pack your belongings.

Avoid Garish Accessories


Everyone wants to stand out, but make sure you stand out for all the right reasons. Don't feel the urge to wear something silly to stand out. Stick to delicate jewelry items you guessed it don't be distracted.

What to Wear to a Model Casting


Now that the don’t-wears are out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the things you should be wearing to a model casting.

Heels You Can Walk In


You don't have to attend casting in heels, but you will need to bring a pair. This is because most agencies and brands will want to see how you walk into them. While they'll probably have a pair of heels, it's best to bring your own so you a) know they fit and b) know you can walk in them. Stiletto heels are usually best called nude or a shade of black. Choose high-heeled shoes that you are comfortable with. There is no need to choose huge platforms and they don't need to be designer. Just make sure they're clean (first impressions matter and cracked heels don't show up) and comfortable.

Wear Good Underwear


They're not necessarily going to see your underwear (unless you're attending an interview for something that might require you to be in them, like a lingerie or swimwear shoot), but many There are reasons why good underwear is essential.

First, underwear serves as the platform for your outfits. Poorly fitting underwear will make even the best outfits look lumpy and flimsy. You want a good bra with no overflow that isn't too loose or too tight. It is strongly advised that you get regularly fitted by a professional so that you know that you are wearing the correct size. (Remember, ladies - our sizes fluctuate all the time due to many factors, not just weight gain or loss, so it's important to get checked out regularly!)

You also want underwear that is comfortable and line-free under clothing. Nude underwear is a great call because it will be less visible in any outfit you wear. Many models carry nude thongs in their bags.

Men also need to think about their underwear choice. Elastic waist lines can create bumps in the thinnest people, so be aware that you're wearing the right fit.

Choose a Modest, Flattering Outfit


For casting outfit inspiration, it’s a good idea to Google what supermodels have worn to their castings. You’ll notice they all tend to choose subtle, natural colours that flatter and work with their look.

A popular casting look is a skinny jeans and white t-shirt combination. Jeans are a great look, but you MUST select a pair that fit you properly. Jeans should be the right length and fit around your waistline.

A plain t-shirt is comfortable and flattering on everyone. A crisp white top makes the skin glow, but avoid white if you tend to be a bit messy – you don’t want to arrive at a casting with a stained top!

Some models show off their legs with a skirt or dress. If your pins are your pride, show them off! Make the most out of your greatest assets – remember, you’re trying to stand out from a crowd of beautiful people.

Another favourite are chunky heeled boots or trainers. Both are comfortable and flattering. Heeled boots will give shorter models a height boost, while stylish trainers (not your gym pair!) can look great too.

What to Bring in Your Bag to Castings


Go to the casting as much as possible. An agency or brand will usually make specific requests as to what to bring, so make sure you read these guidelines thoroughly.

These guidelines will vary depending on the type of agency or brand you applied for. They may ask you to shave your legs, or wear your hair in a specific style, or wear no makeup at all. Follow these guidelines to the letter.

Otherwise, it is up to you to make sure that you are fully prepared for every scenario. Here is a list of items you should consider bringing.

  • A hairbrush or comb. Men and women should make sure that their hair looks frizzy and well maintained.
  • Extra makeup. You may want to touch up your makeup just before your appointment. Concealer and lip balm are usually the most important pieces to bring. Men should also consider using concealer to hide under-eye bags or blemishes.
  • A book/magazine. Casting can usually require a lot of waiting, so it's a good idea to bring something with you to keep you entertained.
  • Water and breakfast. Keep yourself well hydrated and fed. It is unlikely that you will have food and drink available at the casting, so bring your own case. You may have to wait hours for the casting, so consider these an essential to bring.
  • Phone charger. If you miss an important work call or need maps to find your way to your destination, you don't want your phone to die. Bring a phone charger just in case.
  • High heel shoe. As mentioned earlier, heels are an important model bag staple for model casting.
  • Underwear. As mentioned earlier, many models bring a nude thong when they need to try on an outfit where the underwear can be visible.
  • Important Documents. You may need to bring some ID with you. You may also want to print out casting to-and-fro directions (in case your phone dies) and any information about the brand.

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