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How to be a Model on Expert Tips ?

So you’re interested in entering the Autograph Model Search and becoming a model but don’t know where to start?

ModelFactory: What are you looking for in a curve model?

Shruti - Shruti Model Management: We are looking for personalities. A model must be ready to be in the limelight and we believe confidence in yourself and your body is the best asset to have.

ModelFactory: What type of personality must a model have? Do you consider this when looking at a new model?

Shruti: An outgoing personality is of course helpful. When it comes to castings a healthy self-promotion makes you stand out. Of course there are always models that are a little quieter, but you will learn over time to work with clients at castings and shoots.

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ModelFactory: What type of pictures should a potential model be using to present herself to agencies or prospective clients?

Shruti: If you promote yourself as a new face to an agency, make sure you send a clear head shot and full body shot. If you have some snapshots, it is important that you are clearly visible. If you go for castings, you will have a portfolio from previous photoshoots and jobs in them to present. You can think of a casting like a mini job interview.

ModelFactory: Take us through to process that happens when a new model visits your agency.

Shruti: It is like a meet and greet, we introduce ourselves and will go over your pictures. We will also take digitals of you and make a decision if you are suitable for our agency. If you are accepted by Shruti Model Management we will hand out a contract and talk about future photoshoots and plans.

ModelFactory: What should a potential model wear when she is meeting with a modelling agency like Shruti for the first time?

Shruti: I think it is important to feel comfortable when you meet your agency for the first time, but at the same time dress to impress. Hair should be done nicely and very little, if any make up to show off your skin.

ModelFactory: What common mistakes do you see models making, even if they already have what it takes?

Shruti: I always suggest doing a little research on the client before you go into a casting, to see what they are looking for. I would also speak to your agent to find out what is required on the day. Always be on time and look the part, you are part of a professional team, so be professional. Look after yourself and always be ready to cast. It might be a last minute call for a great campaign shoot. Don't take your regular clients for granted, appreciate them.

ModelFactory: What is your best piece of advice you would give a new model that is just starting out?

Shruti: Be yourself, be positive, be professional and ask for advice if you have any questions. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself. Try to learn as much as possible during castings and photoshoots. Watch how other models go about their business.

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ModelFactory: How does social media factor into modelling? Is it important for models to have social media pages and to have the beginnings of large social media following?

Shruti: Social media plays a big role these days in a models career. It will build up over time. Models must keep in mind that their posts can be seen by everybody, which also includes potential clients. I recommend having an ‘official model page’ and a separate page just for your friends that is set on private and to keep it that way. Clients often ask about the ‘following’ on social media for the models. It has become an important tool.

But also my general advice on social media is not to believe that a social media page is a mirror to somebodies life. You will find that social media pages in general only represent the positive aspects in life. Don't buy into this, everybody is dealing with situations they are not posting on social media. Keep in mind that it is a marketing tool.

ModelFactory: Any final comments or advice?

Shruti: Be yourself; believe in yourself and the team that is representing you. Ask questions and most importantly have fun!

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