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What Are The Types Of Modeling - Model Factory

1. Runway Modeling

This is usually the form of modeling that most people think of when they talk about modeling. On average, they earn more than other forms of modeling. Invariably, they are one of the highest paid models.

However, they have relatively strict physical requirements compared to other forms of modeling. For men, a minimum height of 6 feet is usually required, while for women anything over 5'8" is acceptable.

As many people already know, there are size and weight requirements here.

In recent times, following an increase in model eating disorders, weight requirements may not be as strict as they were years ago, but it is still important that models meet these statistics.

2. Print/Catalog or  Editorial Modeling

Here, you will be expected to appear on magazine covers and pages.

Usually, with this form of modeling, there are no strict restrictions on what the model should look like.

It will help a lot if you have very attractive facial features that can draw attention to different parts of your face.

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3. Lingerie/Swimsuit Modeling

As the name says there is everything to know about it. For this it is important that you are comfortable enough with your skin to do justice to the outfits.

These models are also included in the highest paid models.

4. TV Commercial, Live Product, Show Room Modeling

This form of modeling is at risk recently with the rise in influencer marketing and social media models.

A lot of businesses are now choosing to work with these "influencers," in what is now known as influencer marketing.

This can actually be to your advantage because now with a visible social media page you can reach out to brands to work with you.

5. Nice Modeling

This includes plus-size models, older models, fitness models, tattoo models, etc. Basically, there is room for everyone now, which is one of the beauties of the 21st century and the age of social media.

So, even if you don't have the traditional good looks, you can still do great as a model, all you have to do is find your niche.

Now that you understand and perhaps have chosen your niche, it is important to find and work with an experienced agent who can help you find the right gigs for you.

It's also important to have a beautiful portfolio containing your personal information and professional images. Depending on your niche, choose any of the templates offered by Pixpa. You want close-up pictures of your face, full pictures of your body with simple clothes and minimal makeup.

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