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How Much Do Model Get Paid - Modelfactory

It depends on the job, and the amount of fame of the models and what market they are in. I can only speak for myself, but my rates are:

  1. Fashion Show- 150 to 300 (usually 200)
  2. Magazine published photoshoot - 300 to 800
  3. Look Book - 300 to 800
  4. Campaign/Billboard- 1000+
  5. Hair Show- 500 to 1000
  6. E-commerce- 500 to 1000+
  7. I usually only get the minimum payment.

My rates are obviously much lower than that popular model with a top agency. I'm not popular, I'm not in demand, I'm not in a good market, and most of the jobs I book are promo events and hair shows.
No runway. No editorial. No big photoshoot. But, it can only be because of me, not because of my market.

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