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MODEL/ INFLUENCER : Piyu | Model Factory

”If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.” 

About Piyu


* I am Piya pal born and brought up from Mumbai I‘ve completed my graduation from Mumbai. I have done shoots within tv serials. 

My hobbies :

*  I love cooking, traveling, shopping. 


I learn from my mistakes, I never give up until I get what I want.

Describe Me: 

* I am a dreamer believer achiever I Am Self Motivated And I Am Always Keen To Upskill Myself By Learning New Things Whenever I Get A Chance. I Set Goals For Myself So I Have Something To Strive Towards.  

Fitness Tips: 

* Work out regularly and eat well.
* Stay hydrated.
* Get good sleep.
* Keep the stress away by meditating.
* For a flat tummy, work your abs and avoid junk food.
* Do a mix of exercises to keep your workout plan enjoyable 
* Eat at the right time
* Do not deprive yourself
* Include fruits and veggies in your diet
* No rice after 7 pm

Beauty Tips: 

Exercise if you want glow on your face. 

Nickname: * Piyu
Star-sign:   * Scorpion

Category : Models