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How your following can get you cast ?

How your following can get you cast ?

These days, it’s not just your acting but your ability to bring an audience with you that counts when getting cast. Like it or not, your social media presence matters when you’re building a career in the entertainment industry.

It’s not fair! You cry.
Why can’t it all be about talent! You shout.

The truth is, getting cast has always been about more than who is the most talented. And the good thing about social media is, we can ALL build a network.

Casting Professionals Update.

Online networking – why should I?

1) It just makes sense to collect a group of like-minded people to support you. You can give feedback on tools of the trade like headshots, swaps tips on the best agents and courses, and take heart knowing there are other people out there going through the same things you are!

2) Casting Professionals love it when you have a ready-made audience of followers. When they cast you, you can Tweet, Instagram and Periscope your heart out, which promotes their project and is a win/ win for everyone.

Be your Best, Forget the Rest.

How do I know who to follow?

Follow groups and individuals who inspire you or give practical tips on the biz. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all great places to start.

Hot tip: Find someone you admire on Twitter, then click on their followers. Chances are they’re following the kind of people you might like to hear from too.

How do I get people to follow me?

Don't just talk about yourself!

Navel-gazing gets old really fast.

Engage with others.

Tell someone if you loved their post or pic! Share posts, comment, and get stuck in.

Stay positive.

You don’t have to go around singing Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ all day, but don’t be a hater.

Tell the world exactly who you are.

Whatever platform you’re on, fill out your user profile and add a profile picture and a location. It shows you're a real person!

Tweet often, but not in bursts.

This just looks like spam and will lose you followers. Tweeting often = good. In bursts every few seconds = bad.

Follow your followers.

The general theory is: the more people you follow, the more who will follow you. And if someone follows you and you return the favor, they're less likely to unfollow you in the future.

Stay on topic.

Research suggests that sticking to tweets on a particular topic will help you attract more followers. Putting your topic or topics into your profile is likely to help as well (e.g. I’m Katie! I’m an actor from London & I tweet about #acting #theatre & #cats).

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Did you know you can follow other members on ModelFactory?

You can! Having a large number of followers looks great on your profile, and it could really help your career. The best way to grow your following is to follow more people and apply for more roles! To follow someone, simply click 'Follow' on their profile page. To view the people you are following, click the 'Following' tab at the top of the Talent Directory page. For more information about Following, check out our help page.

So what are you waiting for? Get following today!


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