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What is The Difference Between Model and Actress? | Model Factory



Generally, it does not take much time or effort on the part of the child or parents to sign children for child modeling work. Your child arrives at one of our offices, and we talk with you about all the serious stuff like contracts, payments, and workloads.

We then take some pictures to see how your child is doing in front of the camera and if they are young enough, how can they manage to take instructions from adults who are not mums and dads.

If all goes well, we make a good portfolio for you with the help of your pro photographer (that sounds great to you). Then, when customers are looking for a suitable model for their photoshoot, all they have to do is look at our photos and choose the children that best suit their needs.



The acting is quite different and everyone involved (especially your child) puts more effort. Ideally, we like to see potential child actors doing a few lines for us in front of the camera. These can be anything, and yes, you can prepare in advance.

A great idea feels that comfortable in saying the lines during your child to learn a monologue from the heart they audition. Learning their lines at home, they will be doing it anyway when they are lucky enough to play an acting role. So get practice now if for no other reason than to see if they can handle the study.

When a client comes looking for our next child actor, we will help you choose potential actors based on the needs of the actors. These requirements can be age, hair color, or height among others. So please remember that because casting directors may have super-specific requirements, your child may not be considered for every role.

A child who is interested in a casting director will be asked to attend a formal audition, and they may also be taught a few lines to speed up the process. The final decision will be based on your child's performance in this audition, so they really need to do their best.




This is the common misconception we often see when new parents do the first shooting with their child. He believes that it is a simple matter of transforming into a good organization and standing in front of the camera. No, not even close.

Modeling children is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

For a start, it is tiring. There can be many attire and many backgrounds or locations to wear. And gummy bears can only carry a baby before they start sleeping, or even worse, grumpy!

Then, when in front of the camera, the photographer may need a specific expression or pose, it may take a long time for your child to nail. So you see, it is hard work.



And now for our second common fallacy; Child modeling and acting are not so different.

As we said earlier, although both involve working in front of the camera, they are very different paths to follow.

The work involved in acting is the same as not being tired more than modeling. You see where a child model can start shooting and a child actor must have their lines drawn before night or if a lot of lines are involved they can spend a week or more learning.

Acting also takes longer because a small business can take a day or even longer. And if it is a film or TV show, it could be weeks or months depending on your child's role.

However, don't think that we are trying to stop you from allowing your little cherub to pursue child modeling or children's acting careers. This is not right! We just want to make sure that you understand the work involved and the difference between the two.


And now we come to the most important part of the whole process, the Award.



The rewards from a successful child modeling career are simple. To save a rainy day your child makes a little money, you get to see your child in a magazine or catalog (perfect for embarrassing them when they grow up), and your child as a model Can be identified in Later there may be more modeling jobs and a chance to continue careers in their teens.


winner actor

Since the acting is a bit overworked, the potential rewards are also slightly better. Your child can earn more than a child can model, they need to be on TV (that's what everyone wants, okay?), And they get national recognition. A little more money and being on TV is great, but it is the ultimate reward for how your child can turn his or her part-time job into a career.

Now we are not saying that all children entering child acting will become stars, but being on national TV or a movie, recognition can open doors that may have been closed to them.

So now that you know the difference between the two, what makes you think that your child can be good? Are they completely relaxed in front of a camera and enjoying the idea of ​​taking their photo? Or perhaps they are brilliant at showing off and can learn the lines in a blink of an eye.

Whatever path you follow to decide, you know that casting bubblegum can help, right? Yes, that's right, we're not just a child modeling agency, we're a talent agency, and there are some child actors in our books.

So whether your child loves the idea of ​​watching themselves on the catwalk and photoshoot or on TV, apply to Bubblegum Casting now, and we'll guide you on your path to child stardom.

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