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Nail Trends Would You Like to Try. | Model Factory

Nail art is becoming more and more popular. Today, nails are considered one of the "secret weapons" of stylish girls. Spring brings many beautiful and impressive nail decoration trends. If you want to be excellent and fashionable, then let's explore beautiful nail designs in the following article.



After Fashion Week, many designers have chosen to return to French manicures for their nail looks. This classic take on design combines a reverse French manicure with a genuine French manicure. This is the 2019 version, but this pink and cream palette is still recognizable from a mile away.

Lead manicurist Gina Edwards KISS using a neutral color combo with nail products created a chic soft moon design. "I imagine the collection with taking a fresh, whimsical classic nail wanted to feel," she said.

Electric Jungle:

Electric Jungle

Safari Fashion was a surprisingly popular choice on the Spring 2020 runway, but the jungle trend was no longer for clothing. Looking at the hottest runway trends, nail artist Miss Pop told Styles Kester that she hopes to have nails painted in animal prints throughout 2020. No, the manicurist said that the trend of this nail would be unethical

Oscar De La Renta:

Oscar De La Renta

Celebrity manicurist Miss Pop created this cream twist for a classic French gem with a sorbet orange shade with a cute little dot in the center of the nail.

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya:

Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya

Nail artist Naomi Yasuda made every manicure looks like it took a time machine to the 1970s with almond-shaped tips drenched in deep, moody shades.

Jeremy Scott:

Jeremy Scott

"We lean on the wild side of the 80s!" Miss Pop asked to describe all the primary colors, geometric shapes, and animals by Jeremy Scott.

Rag & Bone:

Rag & Bone

Dubbed "on the dot," these nails effortlessly emit generous functionality with a jet-black base complete with a white polka dot using ginseng nail polish in white.

French Pearl Drip:

French Pearl Drip

Why went not since 2020 calling for additional nails of all kinds, try their tips with Ratna?

Kate Spade:

Kate Spade

Nail artist Rita Remarque coordinated fingers and toes for the runway. A mix of bold shades made for a striking contrast against the plants some models took down the outdoor runway.

Rebecca Minkoff:

Rebecca Minkoff

I wearable KISS accents fall Rebecca Minkoff with nails wanted to play wearing fun 2019 collection. Each design is the trend without being overlapping.

Pastel will be Stunning:

Pastel will be Stunning

Citing Spring 2020 runway trends, Cosmopolitan said pastels, especially yellow ones, are "everywhere in spring. Pastel trends are not just a spring trend. However, it will take you through summer as well."

Phillip Lim:

Phillip Lim

Jin Soon Choi kept the nails comfortable and imaginary backstage at Phillip Lim to complement the clothes. A lemon-lime yellow, pink beige, and toffee beige shades were the star shades of the show.

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