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How Do You Prepare for an Acting Audition? | Model Factory

An acting audition is the first step in the long process of being a part of a creative project for the actor. This is the first hurdle and needs to be navigated with thought and creative imagination. Many actors fall over this hurdle, without recognizing the specific skills they need to give them a better chance of playing the role.

1. Read the Work!

read the work

When you audition for a project, it is important that you read the script in its entirety. They can ask you your opinion about the script, narrative, and character journey, so make sure you have specific points you want to tell about the script at the acting audition. Make sure that all these points are positive; They would like to work with someone who is excited about the project!.

2. Do your Research!

do your research

What is your character up to this point? What is your relationship with any other characters in the scene with you? What do you want those other characters? Your character until the end of the scene has changed how? If you can answer these questions, it will help you decide whether you play the kind of scene, and make your performance more dynamic.

3. Learn the Lines!


It seems obvious, but all are likely to find the actors that they allow you to bring in the way the environment is known lines and then acting audition. The first thing to go is lines! Make sure you know them fully. Try to test yourself when doing daily tasks such as washing or making your bed. If you stumble then you are not there yet. When you step into that room, being confident to know the lines is of less concern to you.

4. You are the Character!

you are character

You've got an acting audition because the casting director thinks it's probably the right kind of look for this part and the character's description is aesthetically pleasing. If necessary go to the room indicating the character in terms of dress, hair, and makeup. Do not pronounce anyone other than yourself, but you want them to understand that you are close to the person they are casting.

5. Have your Opinion!


Looking for a director or casting director, but is an impossible task. The person you are playing with has an opinion about what you are thinking about them during the acting audition and what their motivation is. Even if you offer something that is different from what they think, it shows that you are creatively and wisely attached to the role, and that is only a good thing!.

6.  Own your Power!

own your power

Auditioning is bound to make you feel nervous. It is a feeling that is very difficult to move. Remember that the casting director wants you to perform well. They want you to get a share. We feel that there is a lot of time that we are being judged, instead see it as a casting director who is allowing, supporting, and encouraging you to do your job. Brian Cranston emphatically highlights this in his book  "A Life in Parts".

7. And Remember that the Panel is the Best you can do!


When you have given a performance with your character's perceptions and choices, the casting director may ask you to do it again but in a different way. Realize that they have a different perception of the elements of the character, they are not killing your performance or judging them.

They are able to connect in a different way with the use of your imagination, taking direction, and use your imagination script and character. This is a chance to show them how you can work well with the director. This is another opportunity for you to show what you can do, so be brave and honor this positive step! Embrace it with a positive attitude, and it will be seen as such!.

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