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5 Tips for a Stunning Modelling Portfolio | Model Factory

Every day model agencies and clients are pouring over hundreds of portfolios looking for the next. A portfolio that stands out and creates a lasting impression will help you book jobs and attract attention. A memorable portfolio has the ability to open doors early in your career.

1. Work to your target market

Your portfolio should align with the type of modeling work you want. Be it fashion, fitness, lifestyle or runway, your portfolio should be targeted to the kinds of jobs you want to land. If you are looking for commercial work, include some exciting images that have an advertising edge. If you are looking for work as a swimwear model then be sure to include your best swimwear images.

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2. Provide an up to date portfolio with a wide range of images

Your portfolio should portray your ability to understand a brief, show you know how to work with a photographer and within a team of creatives. It should show your natural beauty as well as the ability to portray different moods and adapt to different scenes and situations.

Clients want to see that you are versatile and capable of pulling off a range of different looks and styles. Great models create believable characters and tell stories through their images.

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3. Work with a range of photographers

Experience is the only thing that can make you better at what you do. Do lots of photo shoots with different photographers, hair and make up artists, stylists and even work with other models. Every time you will learn something new and it will push you in a new and exciting direction.

4. Less is more

The golden rule when it comes to a portfolio: Quality matters. Your portfolio should be a selection of your very best images. Feel confident submitting a strong portfolio of a selection of images.

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5. Sell yourself

Your personality is what sets you apart from any other model in the industry. Your personality should jump off the page. Your portfolio should present a strong sense of who you are, where you are in your career and where you want to go.

Success in modelling requires more than just a great portfolio, but the drive and ambition to continually work on your craft and improve and get better. The best portfolios present everything about the model, from work ethic to looks and style.

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Remember that your portfolio is always a work in progress. As your career in fashion evolves, so do your goals and ability, so keep challenging yourself by working with new people


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