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How to Become a Child Model | Model Factory

What is a Child Model?

what is child model

A child model is a young man who models for various brands including clothes, toys, holidays, and more. Like a regular model, a child model will usually have an agency (in the UK this agency will usually be located in the main city such as London or Manchester).

  • -Brands such as Disney, John Lewis, Sainsbury's, Asda, and Next are always on the lookout for new catalog models. Premium brands also use children to wear their children's clothes.
  • -Child models must participate in various casting calls and interviews to work.
  • -They should also have a portfolio to show potential employees their ability and experience in modeling.

How Much Do Child Models Earn?modelfactory model

The amount of earnings of child models depends on who they are working for, their experience, their fame, and their demand. A single job can pay anything from thousands to hundreds of pounds for large campaigns with big brands.

Experienced child models can earn up to 6-figures for TV commercials, and around £ 1200 per day for editorial work.

What are the requirements for a Child Model?


Child models do not have to be of specific height or size. Their measurement will determine in which age group they are modeling.

Children also do not need the right teeth; Conversely, children are generally preferred when they have someone of any kind who is considered cute.

Hair models should have bright eyes, a good smile, and confidence around strangers. While not necessary, it is a good idea to keep your child safe while playing to avoid scratches and bites on the skin seen in the photos.

Child Modelling Restrictions:

femal emodel

Children under the age of 18 will require an adult in all interviews and jobs. This is a legal requirement.

Modeling may require too much travel. Child model parents must be willing to take their child to an interview and jobs. These may occur across the country and may also occur abroad.

Children may need to take time off from school to do modeling. To allow this you will need an excellent relationship with the child's school. The child should also be fine with doing a lot of homework and school work outside of school hours to catch whatever the child remembers.

A professional photoshoot can be an exciting but often intimidating experience for adults as well. Your child needs to be comfortable in this type of situation to be successful in modeling.

Can My Child Model With No Experience?


Everyone has to start somewhere! Child models have no experience, although any experience they have can help them with land jobs.

You will need a portfolio for the child. The modeling portfolio is a folder of photographs that a model takes with her for interviews and jobs. It can include up to 20 photos and should include close-up face shots as well as full-length body images. Portfolios should try to show the modeling capabilities of the model in the best way. It is a good idea to include shots of the model smiling and laughing as well as more serious poses.

Who Are the Highest-Paid Child Models?

child model

  • -Ekaterina Samsonov. Now 17, Ekat was a very large model at just 11 years old and earned more than $ 50,000 per year as a child model.
  • -Lily Chi is said to earn up to $ 22k at the age of 11. He has worked with Nike, Levi's, Kohl's, Uniqlo, and Ralph Lauren.
  • -Hudson Kronig Hudson is now 12 years old, but at the age of 6, he moved to the channel and worked for Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. He is the son of channel model Brad Kronig.
  • -Julian O'Neill now turns 13 at age 7 and is earning $ 12,500 a year. She has worked for Hannah Anderson, Roberto Cavalli Kids, Vogue Bambini, and Toy R.

How Do I Find My Child a Modelling Agency?


It is very rare to scout for a model, so parents who want to involve their children in modeling should focus on applying to relevant modeling agencies.

Parents should do considerable research at the best modeling agencies around. All this research can be done online. You can apply for as many agencies as you want, as many times as you want, but do not send multiple applications to the same agency simultaneously, as they will find this annoying situation.

You need a great modeling portfolio to help your child stand out from the competition. The modeling portfolio includes 20 photographs depicting your child's modeling experience.

If you do not have any experience yet, it is a good idea to book a professional photoshoot. This will not only give you the opportunity to get excellent photos for your child's professional portfolio, but it will also allow you to decide whether your child is right for a career in modeling.

How Do I Know if a Career in Modelling is Right for My Child?

career child modeling

Find out your child's suitability for the modeling industry to see if they will enjoy it. A child who enjoys modeling will enjoy participating in a photo shoot. Those who hate it will obviously have rubbish time and it will appear in the images. There is no point in forcing your child into modeling if they do not want to do so. While the parent is the manager of the child, it is ultimately up to the child to decide whether they want to pursue this hobby/career.

Other Points to Consider:

  • -Is your child confident? This personality trait is essential for a career in modeling. They should be comfortable around strangers because they will be working regularly with many people they do not know.
  • -Does your child get overwhelmed easily? A photoshoot can be an intimidating space and children must adapt quickly to these new surroundings.
  • -Does your child listen to the instructions? It is important that a model can follow instructions well.
  • -Do they play well with others? Your child may be expected to work with other children on some shoots so that they should be able to mingle with other children.
  • -How does your child perform in front of the camera? Do they make a pose and smile, or shy? A child should enjoy taking their photo.
  • -Does your child have patience? There can often be a lot of waiting around photoshoots. They may also need to sit while creative teams (makeup artists and hairstylists) work on your child.
  • -Will your child feel proud to see themselves on hoardings, or mortgage? A young model should feel proud and happy at her job - not afraid or embarrassed.

How to Keep Your Child Safe Online:


If contacted through social media by someone claiming to work for a modeling agency, research should be conducted to verify the authenticity of the individual. Unfortunately, there are many scams around and it is important that you protect your child. If your child is in online contact and engaged in conversation, this is unlikely to be valid as most agencies do not contact children.

Sometimes a brand may request a child to pass on their details to their parents but this is rare and still needs to be researched by parents to make the proposal real. It will most likely be on Instagram. If a message arrives on Snapchat, use extreme caution and it is unlikely to be genuine. Always report any related messages and make sure your child understands how to be safe if they are online.

Never email or call the number that has been given to you through a message. Always find the actual website and contact them using the verified information posted there to confirm whether or not they have contacted your child.

Remember that most social media platforms have an age limit, so your child should not have their own account on these sites if they are not old enough. Many parents manage accounts related to their child. While this can be a good way to gain followers and attract the attention of brands, always remember that the Internet is never 100% secure and that your child's safety should always precede anything else.

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