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9 Quick Hacks to Give Your Profile a Refresh | Model Factory

9 Quick Hacks to Give Your Profile a Refresh

 How about a little profile refresh to get you started? Check out our quick hacks to getting yours looking shiny and new!


1. DO: Make sure your pictures showcase your diversity as an actor, model, musician, etc.! Try to upload a few different looks or styles rather than 20 photos from the same photoshoot. Let's see what you’ve got!

2. DON’T: Keep any photos that are doing you a disservice – we're talking low-res images or an abundance of selfies. Even if you don't have professional photos, choose the best photos you have, ditch the others, and let the good ones shine!

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Say Hello

3. DO: Tell us a little about yourself in your intro summary so that Casting Professionals can get an overview of you and your experience, and quickly put you in their shortlist pile.

4. DON'T: Leave this section empty!

Show Off

5. DO: Update your credits and experience section with everything you've achieved in your career. If you're just starting out you may want to include unpaid and TFP work. Experience = credibility.

6. DON'T: Claim to have done anything you haven't, or include irrelevant details.

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Get Social

7. DO: Link to your social media profiles, especially if it's where you find you do a lot of networking! It's also a great way for Casting Professionals to get an idea of who you are and look at any other work you've done if you use your social platforms professionally.

8. DON'T: Link to any of your social media profiles that you wouldn't want someone hiring you to see!


9. If reading this blog is like sounding like a broken record to you, perhaps you're already curating your profile like an absolute pro? Check out whether you could be eligible for ModelFactory PRO status now!


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