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10 Things You'll Learn at Modelling School | Model Factory

10 Things You'll Learn at Modelling School

Ever dreamed of becoming a model? Perhaps you thought about getting professional training to give yourself every chance of success.

It is no surprise that entering a new industry may be overwhelming. Within any field, to increase your chances of success, it is advised to get professional training and education. Modelling is extremely competitive, so you need to learn how to stand out from the crowd to get noticed and perform your best at castings.

As an aspiring model, it can be worthwhile getting guidance and training from a modelling school. Make sure to conduct thorough research into all the model academies, as it helps you make an informed decision into where to invest your time and money.


I will let you in on a little secret, modelling is more about brains than beauty! Some of the things a good modelling school will teach you include:

  1. Positive mindset.
  2. Business strategies.
  3. Self confidence.
  4. Nutrition.
  5. Skincare and makeup application.
  6. Hair care and styling.
  7. Catwalk techniques.
  8. Casting etiquette.
  9. Editorial skills and model portfolio.
  10. Agency application and interviewing with a booker.

What are the different types of models? Female.

You will see from the above list that it all begins from the right mindset. You need to be mentally prepared for the industry and what’s to come. A shock to many, but as a model you must be business savvy — know how to set yourself up as a sole trader, keep up with your admin tasks and most importantly, learn how to network and grow your contacts. Self-confidence is also a must to become a successful model, if you doubt yourself why should the clients believe in you?

Your look is your biggest asset, it is your product, so make sure to upkeep your physical appearance, and it all starts from within; good nutrition is vital. As a model you will be getting your hair and makeup done professionally for shoots and shows, but you also need to know how to do your own hair and makeup, plus learn what to wear to castings and interviews. Runway techniques are essential to a professional model, and this will also translate into your casting etiquette.

Classes For Modeling.

Most of the jobs you book will be based on your portfolio, so it is very important to have your editorial skills down pat — know your angles, expressions and body movement.

Your model portfolio that you will build can be used to apply to modelling agencies. If you secure an interview with a booker, make sure to brush up on your interpersonal skills to make a great impression and potentially get signed with that agency.

While every school will have a differernt approach to training, if you can master much of what is outlined above, you'll have a greater chance of success in this industry


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