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How Can I Audition Without An Agent?

There is no one more hardworking, brave and persistent than an aspiring actor. So now that you are old enough to pursue your dreams and make it your career, where do you start? You've heard of being an agent... but if you don't have a resume, professional headshots, and actual experience on that resume, how do you sign?! not to worry! I'm here to tell you 12 different ways to find auditions without an agent.

1. Join An Acting Class.

Whether you live in New Jersey, Colorado or California-you'll benefit immensely! You can google local classes and see their reviews. It is very common for a new student to be able to audit a class - or sit for free and get a feel for the teacher and the environment. Look for a teacher who engages with local agents, photographers, directors, etc. and is familiar with acting techniques but also challenges you to grow.

Observe the experience level of other students, whether they are signed with an agent or how willing they are to help you. When You're Settled - Take advantage of the community and introductions from industry leaders as well as advice on where to find auditions. A lot of students will be more experienced and can give you a goldmine of knowledge.

2. Browse Craigslist.

Yes, you read that right. Craigslist has a wealth of postings. But with that, there are a lot of scams and garbage. just be careful. If a posting sounds sketchy - it probably is. Something that reads: Looking for Girls Over 18 Years Old for Feature Film - Pays Great! Most likely it is a porn. If you're into him - he's into you. But if not, don't answer. Also, always meet the filmmakers or producers in a public place and get a feel for who they are and what type of projects they are casting for.

Also, make sure you are honest about your intentions and what you are willing to do. I have found a lot of great opportunities through Craigslist that I was able to use on my demo reel so I found an agent. And they turned out to be a blast! Plus - you never know where it might take you.

3. Find Your Local Film Office

Almost every state will have a film office that you can google. This is where they list movies, TV shows, and other projects that have been filmed in your state. It also has information on state tax incentives and... a casting call page for upcoming projects set to film there! Plus - you can also find other resources such as classes, workshops, recommendations for photographers and legitimate agents.

4. Contact Your Local College/University

Most colleges - whether they are community colleges or large universities - have a theater department and a film and media department! This is great news for you! Visit their website and look for upcoming projects or student showcases. You can find auditions for upcoming plays and musicals as well as casting calls for student-led film projects that are placed as part of their graduation requirements - so they will need actors!

The best part is that you don't have to be an actual student there and most of them will pay! You can network with professors, students, and other actors.

5. Join A Community Sport

This is similar to number 4  but the difference is that community plays may have more professional productions or have more experienced actors. They may be able to pay you more and the local agent/casting director may be in the audience.

6. Join The Local Facebook Group Casting And Audition In Your City Or State

After you join, you will be able to network with everyone in the industry - photographers, producers, writers, directors, filmmakers, teachers, casting agents and other actors. The price is amazing! If a project is casting - most likely it will be talked about in these groups.

Sometimes a project isn't cast because finding a particular actor has been challenging and the production can post it to the group - opening it up to non-experienced actors. These groups are also great for finding reputable teachers, photographers, agents, and more.

7. Visit Your Favorite Shows Website

Like to watch MTV? How about Hulu or other networks? Turns out they often post casting calls and auditions directly on their website. How do you think they find the next 90 day couple? Although not all of the auditions posted are for acting roles - most will be for reality TV. But if reality TV is your thing- go for it! Plus - if you join a reality TV show you never know what other opportunities await you.

8. Find Them On Social Media Platforms

Today, almost everyone you know has some or all of their social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc. You have to make a presence on social media as an actor because everything is moving forward. an online presence. Think about it - your demo reel (if you have one) lives online. Your auditions are sent online etc.

So now you can also find auditions online. Try following some of the big casting directors, producers and filmmakers on their online profiles - just don't get desperate and send them a million DMs (they won't like it). Try to find auditions using hashtags: #castingcalls, #auditions, etc.

9. Sign Up for Audition and Casting Call Sites

You've probably heard of Backstage or Playbill by now, right? They are two of the biggest and well-known sites dedicated to auditions and posting jobs. They also post regular content for actors and people in the entertainment industry. Did you know that most of these sites are free to join? Of course, there's a limit to what you can do with a free account but it's a start!

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