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What Country Is The Best To Model? - Model Factory

1. Sydney, Australia

Of Australia's 94 modeling agencies, 27 are located in Sydney, Australia, the top Australian city known for modeling and has more agencies than any other Australian city alone. Considering Sydney is a large city home to over four million residents, there is no doubt that modeling it is a plus for new or potential models!

Some of the top modeling agencies in Sydney include Chadwick, Priscilla and Wink.

2. Tokyo, Japan

If you speak and understand functional Japanese, Tokyo is a great place for models! Although it's a little harder to get a modeling contract in Japan itself, if you're tall enough, and as mentioned, speak at least some Japanese, you can find yourself a Tokyo model in no time.

Tokyo is one of the best cities if you really want to become a successful model and make your career quickly.

3. New York City, NY, USA

It is clear that New York City is the place to model in the United States. Most Americans who want to pursue a modeling career actually move to New York City because it is the home of the U.S. home to more than eight million residents. It is the second most populous city in the country. It's clear that the Big Apple is a great city to step yourself out of modeling-wise because of its endless opportunities.

Although New York City is sparsely populated, making it even more difficult to stand out in the crowd, literally, there are plenty of modeling agents available in the city waiting for your portfolio and ready to find a unique model.

4. Los Angeles, CA, USA

Apart from New York City, Los Angeles is again another great American city which is the most populous US city to pursue a modeling career. The city is, considering its over ten million inhabitants.

However, keep in mind that modeling in general is a very competitive career, not to mention that starting a modeling gig or full-on career in Los Angeles is hard the first time, unless you are a bit more experienced or Don't get too ambitious about your career, but LA is still a great place to model. After all, it's better to land a modeling career in a big city and take some risks than to model in a small town where there is hardly any recognition for your talent. The city is definitely home to the arts and has tons of opportunities if you explore them!

5. Paris, France

Paris, the city of lights, is probably one of the best and most beautiful places to model. And, of course, there are many modeling opportunities. As long as you are over 16 years old, tall enough, and meet the measurement requirements of your potential Paris agency, there is definitely a chance for you to become a Paris model!

Seriously, who wouldn't want to model in Paris?! This city is a dream city where you can model, not to mention all the great career achievements, wearing only the finest of clothing designed by some of the most coveted, high-end labels! This city is definitely all about fashion.

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