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Who is India's No 1 model? | Top Hottest Models In India

However, there are many successful and popular models in India, and it's difficult to definitively determine who the number one model is. The modeling industry is highly subjective and success can be measured in many different ways. Here are some Indian models who are widely recognized and respected in the industry:

  1. Bhumika Arora
  2. Lakshmi Menon
  3. Noyonika Chatterjee
  4. Ujjwala Raut
  5. Carol Gracias
  6. Pooja Mor
  7. Archana Akil Kumar
  8. Dayana Erappa
  9. Kanishtha Dhankar
  10. Padma Lakshmi

These are just some examples of the many successful models in India. It's important to note that success in the modeling industry can be highly subjective and varies depending on individual criteria and opinions.

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