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Can I Become A Model In Korea? - Model Factory

How To Become A Model In Korea

Non-Korean models of all ages are in great demand and are looking for commercials (cf), print and even home shopping. Here's how to get started.

Phase 1.

Get a portfolio from a freelance photographer. You can also check out social media platforms for those looking for models to shoot!

Step 2.

Find a modeling agency in Korea that specializes in foreign models (not all will sponsor your visa, you have to ask!). The major ones are listed below.

Step 3.

Check their reputation online by joining Facebook groups and asking people with experience (you may be able to check agencies' websites and contact their models freely on Instagram). The quality of modeling agencies changes because there is so much business, so a good person can be shady overnight and vice versa.

Step 4.

Contact the agency, send headshots and other information requested by them.

Step 5.

Read the contract carefully. It should be in both Korean and English. Make sure there are no penalty clauses, and that the period is only for a year or two. If you don't understand something, ask someone you trust for clarification.

Step 6.

Get an E-6 visa sponsored by the agency, or an F visa that will allow you to work anywhere and stay in the country longer.

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