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Model Hire Tips to Help You Avoid Disaster - Modelfactory

This can be an expensive process if you don't know what to do. You have to narrow your search down to the right looks and personality. You need to find someone who is available for the required dates and location, and get them there on time. Also legal are included such as contract, model release, payment details and travel requirements.

Before we get to them - let's take a look at what you need to know about hiring a model for your brand.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Model For A Photoshoot

The cost varies depending on the type of shoot you need, whether you want to hire a model for one day or for several days. You need to consider where they are based, their experience and their level of performance. Based on's industry guide, it is typical to get models based on their experience level. The model rental cost ranges are as follows:

  1. $95 per hour or $700 per day for amateur models
  2. $200 per hour or $1,600 daily for intermediate level talent
  3. $350 per hour or $2,900 for daily and professional models

If your photoshoot requires them to wear swimwear or lingerie, expect them to pay more than if they wore regular clothes. The same goes with simple impressive photo shoots where the model does her makeup versus editorial fashion photography where you have a professional photographer, makeup artist and the entire crew with assistants, which will obviously cost more.

Tips for Hiring a Professional Model From An Agency

When it comes to finding a model, the first two questions you should ask yourself is 'What am I looking for?' and 'How much am I willing to pay?'. If you get a newbie, your search will be less expensive and won't involve many parties and legalese. However, if you are looking for an experienced model, you may have to go through an agency. The cost can add up quite a bit but there is more safety in knowing they have been vetted by your company.

Check out these tips on how to hire a model from an agency for your model shoot.

Deal directly with modeling agency. By dealing with them directly, you gain access to multiple options at once, rather than dealing with a single model or even multiple talents at the same time. Most likely the agent will have a model that fits exactly what you need. You can also rest assured that you are working with a reputable business that knows what they are doing and will be on the same page as the client (you) not only during the planning phase but on the day of the shoot as well.

Find out if the model has a manager. If they do, be sure to talk about it with them as they are the ones who know their best and can help prepare them for your shoot.

Prepare a good brief. Brief communication with agencies is a great way to let them know what you're looking for and how you want to do it. The more descriptive the brief, the better your chances of translating what you were thinking in one shot. Consider making a mood board with pictures that will execute the whole idea of ​​what you want to make. Even after shooting it will make a big difference. This helps all parties stay on track and reduces unnecessary calls if everyone already has their grounds.

Be clear with your expectations. Make sure you're both on the same page when it comes to what's required of them, where they'll be traveling and the time commitment involved. Don't assume that the agency knows because if there is a confusion they could end up costing you more than the deal you made for which could result in model catastrophe!

If you have the budget for this, using an agency can help you find good models. It's less time consuming and less confusing than finding one on your own.

Difference Between Male And Female Models

Male models may get paid less than female models. Women's fashion is more popular among Western consumers, so the industry compensates men's and women's models differently.

Women are expected to adhere to specific standards of appearance and behavior that will please clients, such as having perfect skin and hair, wearing clothing that perfectly accentuates all body parts, or heels throughout the day. (although many people underestimate how demanding these standards can be).

However, some oppose this and argue that there is no significant difference in pay rates and that any discrepancies are attributed to different modeling careers and different levels of representation – not gender.

Regardless, it is essential to be realistic when discussing rates for both male and female potential models. As brands and customers become more educated on the subject, they will begin to appreciate that paying the right person – be it a man or a woman – is right to do what they think is appropriate.

Wondering what your model has to pay? For simple industry hacks to set reasonable model rates

You have, you may or may not need to use an agency. Different types of models will be better suited for different jobs, depending on what they specialize in and how much experience they have. Here are some of your options:


Hiring models from agencies is a professional way of doing things. Whether you want something specific or want to use a model from their books, agencies will provide you with the best options available in your area. You can then meet and negotiate terms that fit your budget and brief.

Dedicated Market

In Australia for example, the dedicated marketplace is the leading online platform for connecting models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists and people in the fashion industry. This is a great site to spot new talent or connect with experienced professionals available for work.

Simply post a job with a rate that best suits your budget, and they'll automatically match you with a model that matches your brief. You manage all payments, contracts and insurance on the platform. Plus, you only get paid when the job is done.

Other Online Marketplaces Featuring Amateur Models

Finding models on websites like Gumtree, Facebook Groups, Fiverr, etc. can have its benefits, especially when you are on a tight budget. You can post your ad based on your location and availability. Some will even agree to model for free so they can expand their portfolio. Keep in mind that this method has some drawbacks as you will be working with an inexperienced model.

Simple Tips And Best Practices For Hiring A Model

There are general industry processes that models go through before getting a job—views and castings, self-tests, diseases, and more. But the question here is how do you find the best model for your brand? We've gathered the following tips for finding the right model for your brief and your campaign.

Set Your Budget For The Shoot.

Discuss compensation and usage fees and make sure details and rates are clearly set out and agreed upon in advance.

Be sure to check what is included in the rates. Are you allowed to use the model's image on social media or for your website? What about print ads, billboards, posters or television?

Be clear on the kind of theme or look you want to have. Production requirements such as theme, lighting, mood, etc. should be clarified at the very beginning.

Give details of age range or appearance, height, hair color, ethnicity, dress or pant size, and consider adding additional options such as shoe size, skin tone, piercing or tattoo, etc.

Check out the agency model's portfolio to see if they're on camera with a style you like. Ask around and talk to industry friends about the candidate.

Brand Alignment

It's hard to picture a luxury brand whose models specialize in runway modeling to shoot on the streets of New York City, unless that's your intention, so ask yourself if they would be a good fit and great fit for your project. Will be able to do good work.

You need to be careful when hiring cheap talent—they might not accidentally fit your brand guidelines or visual identity.

You can look for people in your local area who will fully follow your vision, especially if your product or service is specific to a location. For example if you market an event company in Sydney, you should be looking for professional models to hire in Sydney.

Benefits of using Marketplace compared to a traditional modeling agency
There are many benefits to using a dedicated online marketplace like

Not only does this benefit brands like you by giving you a direct source of talent, but it also provides new models with great opportunities to grow their portfolio by working with experienced professionals in the industry, who have featured them in magazines, editorials, etc. can inspire. High-end campaigns, and more.

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