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What Should I Pay A Model For Doing A Photoshoot ?

very nice! As for what the question is, it really depends on the model's experience and the type of modeling you need. A person wishing to start in the profession can pose for print.

At the other end of the scale, a top model can cost over £3,000+ per day. If you intend to rent for more than a day, you will be expected to provide accommodation.

Whatever the duration of the shoot, you will need to provide safe turning and rest breaks.

Because you ask the question, I'm assuming you're an amateur photographer, it's not a put down, everyone starts somewhere, but being inexperienced is something a model needs to know before accepting an assignment . A good model will help you by suggesting poses.

I strongly recommend that you give the model the option of bringing a mentor along and you get an idea of ​​what poses you want to try with some images from the magazines of your choice. Have music available and make sure the studio is comfortably warm.

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