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How to Become a Hand Model | Want to be a Hand Model?

If you've ever looked down at your hands and thought, "These things are made for modeling," or someone said to you, "Your hands are so soft and beautiful!" You can build a modeling career on your own ... hands-on.

Make No Mistake:


Modeling is harder than it looks. It can be daunting work, involving exhausting photoshoots and utmost care for the product(s) you are selling. The same is true for hand modeling; Having a photogenic quality may not be enough. But if you're curious about potentially lucrative careers and are willing to work, take a look at the hands-on modeling industry fundamentals below.

Moles, spots, or irregularly shaped fingers and nails can disqualify you.

Hand models have narrow, thin fingers and a smooth complexion. Fear not, freckled model; Despite being more challenging, it is still possible to make a career with spotty hands. But the prettiest hands with the cleanest skin—especially when it comes to thumbs, the most important element—book the most jobs.

Study And Practice.


Take a look at traditional print and television commercials involving hand modeling. Study and imitate the most common hand poses. Practice holding different objects. Like any modeling or even acting job, your job is to convey a wide variety of thoughts or feelings - just with your hands. You have to practice in front of the camera. Do you know how to display your fingers in a way that indicates strength? Temptation? Happiness?

Take Pictures Of Your Hands.


If you're starting out as a hand model, you need the equivalent of an actor's headshots. Hire a professional photographer—or a friend who knows your way around a camera—to take shots of your hands in those traditional poses. Print photos on professional paper and assemble a portfolio to submit to modeling agencies. Tip: Include a shot that includes your pretty face so you can be recognized on the go.

Apply For Modeling Agencies.


Browse the backstage catalog for models to get an idea of ​​which agencies are legit. Get in touch and send in that portfolio using whatever method they prefer! If you're serious about getting hired, you may eventually score a modeling agent who can help you open even more doors.

Always Do A Manicure Before Shooting.


Before any shoot, make sure those hands are in tip-top shape. Find a manicurist you trust who makes you feel confident in the appeal of your hands. Later in your hand modeling career, you'll have people begging to give you a manicure!

Keep Those Hands Steady.


Can you stay completely still for long periods of time? What happens if you do this by grabbing an object? What about a heavy object? Some shoots can go on for hours, even if they are only for a 30-second ad. Directors want a model that can hold their hand for long periods of time, as any small movement can blur or throw off the shot.

Take Care Of Your Hands!


Did you know that some models sleep with gloves on to keep their hands moist? Like any model, they eat and sleep healthily, take vitamins and moisturize regularly. Get your nails trimmed by filing instead of biting them, and avoid activities that can put your hands at risk. (Maybe someone else chops your vegetables!) 

Be Patient And Persevere.


Any acting advice you read on applies to models as well. The industry can be as challenging as it can be rewarding, so keep at it. Take your career into your own hands!

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