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Modelling Advice

Modelling Advice

What are you looking for in a Curve Model?

Aside from the obvious, of course we look for natural beauty. But we also and almost more importantly look for women with a natural confidence and ease with themselves. We love models with personality and a positive outlook on life in general. It’s such an exciting rewarding industry but its lots of long hours and travel, a lot of time spent away from family and friends and lots of different clients who all have different personalities.

Because of this we like to work with models who have a great can do attitude and can roll with whatever comes up. Modelling is like no other business; you never know what you are doing one day to the next!

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What do you look for when looking at hundreds of model headshots?

It’s an immediate connection to the image, more a feeling than anything else that first captures your interest and then we look more closely at bone structure and skin tone… those things are almost secondary. The great models are able to transfer emotion into almost every picture and that’s a natural talent that can be refined, but never taught.

What makes a model special?

Individuality! The best models are the ones who are able to be totally egoless in front of the camera, able to let go of who they are in day to day life to play the character they have been hired to be that day. Interpreting the client’s vision is a big part of being a truly successful model.

How do you decide whether a young model has potential?

It’s mostly instinctual. I get a tingle, a feeling and go with it.

What are your top tips for models to prepare for a modelling shoot?

Always follow your agent’s directions and make sure you get good sleep, drink lots of water and make sure your hair and nails are all tidy and shiny.

What could models expect if they are invited in for a meeting during the ModelFactory Curve Model Search?

We love meeting new models, finding new faces is one of the most exciting parts of our job so don’t be nervous! We will talk through aspirations and expectations, take some polaroid’s to see how you move and take it from there.

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What do you recommend models wear when they meet you for the first time?

Keep it simple, nothing too fussy as we need to see your body shape. Simple jeans and a fitted top is totally fine, or a fitted dress. Not too much makeup, and clean shiny hair that’s out, not tied back.

What common mistakes do you see models making, even if they already have what it takes?

Impatience. It’s a really exciting time when you first start out and we totally understand that. But despite what you read in the papers overnight success is incredibly rare.

It’s a highly competitive industry, competition is friendly but fierce. You have to be prepared to put in the effort required and be professional to have a long and rewarding career.



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