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How Do You Prepare For A Dance Class? - Model factory

Everyone teachers will be the first to tell you that being a great dancer requires much more than talent. It should go without saying that you need to work hard in your dance classes as well. However, did you know that the best dance students not only work the hardest but also display other common qualities? If you want to top your dance class, pay attention to these 17 traits:

Come fast. not on time Soon.
Get Ready. Everyone is forgetful sometimes, but the best students start their class preparation well in advance.
Stay focused and alert during class. Rest and eat well - this makes it easier to wake up and stay alert (especially if you have an early morning class!).
Implement reforms quickly. No one likes to give the same correction over and over, so if you don't understand, ask questions!
Ask questions and listen to questions asked by others. Just remember to think before you ask.
Absorb speed and direction as quickly as possible. Sure, it's a skill that requires practice but good dance students always work to acquire it fast.
Think ahead while dancing. Believe it or not, this too takes practice. Make sure you're focusing, applying improvisation, asking and practicing questions, develop your intuition for choreography and more.
Take notes. Dancers often do not take written notes during class, but they do take mental notes and write them down afterward.
Condition the body outside of the classroom. Dance class is where you develop your dancing skills. You develop greater dance fitness, strength and stamina to perform these dance skills with cross-training outside of the classroom.
Avoid distraction. Yes, it is "what not to do". Know and follow proper dance class etiquette.
Listen to the body in  class. A good dance student knows his limits and modifies movement or steps when necessary to avoid injury.
Talk to your teacher about things related to the class. Establish a solid, professional relationship with your teacher. Stay on topic, ask questions, and avoid distractions.
Trust and respect your teacher. Trust his judgment, judgment, methods and wisdom. If you have a good reason not to do so, find a teacher you can trust and respect.
Be ready, prepared, and eager to go back to basics. Hardcore dancers learn to dance with beginners and return to the basics of their technique. That's why they love it.
Mentally tag your mistakes and show off instead of showing off. Instead of repeating what you're already doing well, wouldn't you rather take the time to improve it? thought so.
Support and encourage your classmates. Clap for them. Praise their efforts and achievements. Offer to help or help when asked. 
Respond with decency and gratitude at all times. Leave any negativity outside the studio. Don't forget to say thank you for the correction and appreciation.

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