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Profile Tips to get Your Career Moving

Profile Tips to get Your Career Moving

Most of these are quick tips that will really make a difference.

Add some more photos – they don’t need to be professional, just nice clear pics that show you with different looks. Maybe try a serious business look (borrow a shirt and tie if you have to!), a party look, a geeky look, etc.

Add more info to your ‘About Me’ intro at the top of your profile page. You’ve had training? Great! Mention that. Do you have a skill or hobby that might stand out? Can you play an instrument or ride a horse? Tell us about it. You can show a bit of personality here, and it helps Casting Professionals get a glimpse of what you’re like.

How your following can get you cast ?

Check out the Talent Directory to see what other people your age are saying or including in their profiles – anything you like, create your own version!

Add all your castings if you’ve already had a few roles. It really counts for something.

Build up your experience. The best place to start is short film & extra work, to build up experience on set. Apply for as much of these as you can, paid or unpaid, and ask for copies of the finished product. If you have a few seconds on screen, add it to your ModelFactory profile so people can see what you look or sound like. Eventually you’ll have enough clips to put together a showreel.

How to Upload Your Video Audition?

Make a quick video. If you have a smartphone, film yourself doing a short intro to camera and upload it to your profile – e.g. saying, “Hi, my name is (Karan), I’m (Indian), living in (Delhi). I’m (6) feet tall, have (acting training) and I’m really keen to work on (screen or theatre projects)”.

Biggest tip: keep on applying for things and don’t lose heart! The people who get cast the most are the people who apply for the most roles.


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